Disabled facilities grant

We may be able to offer you a grant to pay for work to adapt your home so that you can continue to live independently.

We offer grants to help people who have a disability adapt their home to make it easier for them to continue to live there or maintain their independence.

Who can get a grant?

The Disabled person must be registered as disabled with Community Services or meet the criteria for registration if they applied.

The applicant must be an owner occupier, private landlord, private tenant or the tenant of a Registered Social Landlord. Owners or tenants of houseboats and park homes are included.

A recommendation is required from an occupational therapist that the work is necessary and appropriate.

How much grant will be given?

We means test the Disabled person and any partner to determine the amount of their contribution towards the cost of the work. If the Disabled person is a child or person under 18 there is no means test.

The maximum grant is £30,000.

There is a limited budget each year for this assistance and each case will be considered on an individual basis.

Who do I contact to assess my needs?

If you are a Disabled person over the age of 18 years:

A referral to the occupational therapy service can be made by you, a friend or relative, a voluntary organisation, the hospital or your doctor.

For further information, or to apply to the occupational therapy service, please contact us on Freephone 0800 145 6095, 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

Please note that this email address is not secure and should not be used be used to communicate strictly personal or confidential data.

If you need an assessment for a disabled child

Please contact the disabled children's team:

Disabled children's team
2nd Floor
145 Kings Street
W6 9XY

  • 0208 753 3321
  • Fax: 0208 753 4209

For more information about disabled facilities grants see Disabled Facilities Grants - GOV.UK

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