Tenants' and residents' associations (TRAs)

Having a strong and organised resident voice for your local community is very important and something we want to work with you to support.

Set up a new tenants' and residents' association (TRA), or join an existing TRA where you live. TRAs work hard to represent their local area and work on ways to develop their local communities.

By joining, or setting up a TRA you can:

  • invite members of the senior management team to site visits and meetings
  • meet with your local ward councillor
  • access a variety of funding opportunities to improve your local area
  • develop a stronger sense of community and get to know your neighbours better
  • have access to community facilities to hold meetings and events
  • attend training and mentoring events with other TRAs
  • hold local events in your area.

An annual grant is available to registered TRAs to cover annual running costs and the purchase of equipment.

Key facts

  • The frequency of committee meetings and events is down to individual TRAs, but usually they are quarterly.
  • The meetings will take place in your community.
  • TRAs are made up of an elected management committee and additional committee members.
  • Time commitments vary based on your position on the TRA and the aims and activities that the TRA has agreed.

More information

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch with the Resident Involvement Team at getinvolved@lbhf.gov.uk or call 020 8753 6652.