Sheltered housing forum

The sheltered housing forum acts as a consultative body between the housing department and its sheltered housing tenants.

The main aim of the sheltered housing forum is to preserve and promote the wellbeing of sheltered housing tenants.

The forum considers all aspects of the landlord’s sheltered housing functions and services in the borough and makes recommendations to the landlord and to the council's cabinet member for housing.

The aims of the sheltered housing forum are to:

  • consider and comment on housing proposals and programmes related to sheltered housing
  • consult with sheltered housing tenants on all matters affecting the management of the sheltered schemes within the borough
  • consult whenever necessary with other local organisations
  • promote the participation of sheltered housing tenants to elect a representatives accountable to the tenants and authorised to speak on their behalf
  • consider all aspects of the Landlord’s sheltered housing functions and services in the borough and make recommendations for improvement
  • be involved in consultation on sheltered housing related areas of work
  • review sheltered housing performance
  • have a say on key matters of sheltered housing management
  • have an input into sheltered housing service improvement and performance areas that need to be addressed
  • help us to understand priority areas when developing and agreeing sheltered housing policies
  • an opportunity to improve your knowledge of sheltered housing services and build your confidence.

Key facts

  • Every other month meetings are held online using Microsoft Teams.
  • Membership to the forum is by election at each sheltered housing scheme.
  • Tenant representatives are elected on an annual basis.
  • Commitment of at least 12 months.

More information

Find out more about the sheltered housing representative role (docx 82KB) and read our terms of reference.

Get Involved Hub

Members of the sheltered housing forum members can view meeting minutes, presentations and group discussion chats on the Get Involved Hub - sheltered housing forum.

Contact us

Contact the resident involvement team on 020 8753 6652 or email

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