Housing representatives’ forum

The purpose of the housing representatives forum is to co-ordinate the work of TRAs, sheltered housing representatives, and the involvement groups.

You can join the housing representatives forum if you're:

  • a member of a council housing tenants and residents association (TRA)
  • a sheltered housing representative
  • an appointment block or street champion
  • a representative from one of our other involvement groups.

The purpose of the forum is to coordinate the work of TRAs, sheltered housing representatives, block and street champions and the involvement groups.

The housing representatives forum makes sure that residents’ views are reflected in all aspects of housing services and makes recommendations on all areas relating to the delivery of housing services. The forum is an important part of the resident-led decision-making process.

The aims of the forum are to:

  • receive a six-monthly performance update (Mitie, Pinnacle Estate Services and Housing Management (south), antisocial behaviour & IdVerde)
  • identify priorities for service provision
  • ensure that residents’ views are reflected in the design and provision of services
  • make better decisions by responding to resident priorities
  • continually improve the tenant/leaseholder and landlord relationship
  • be a sounding board for new projects and pilots
  • improve communities and neighbourhoods
  • monitor the Resident Involvement strategy delivery plan
  • make sure that all people have an equal opportunity to get involved
  • look at using new technology to increase engagement and representation
  • be a vehicle for increased networking and the sharing of ideas by TRAs
  • to receive an annual report on the Defend Council Homes Policy from the council's monitoring officer
  • monitor the council's observance of the Defend Council Homes Policy. This will include receiving details from the redevelopment team on a six monthly basis of any first notices, second notices, confirmed redevelopment proposals and resident steering groups that have been established
  • act as the Reading Group, commenting on documents that are shared by email and making suggestions for change

For more information please view the housing representatives' forum terms of reference.

Key facts

  • Six meetings per year, alternating between morning and evening.
  • Meetings are usually held online using Microsoft Teams. 
  • Membership to the forum is by election through each tenants and residents association (TRA), at each sheltered housing scheme, by being a service improvement group chair or vice chair or by agreement at the block and street champions Forum. 
  • Representatives are elected on an annual basis.
  • Commitment of at least 12 months.
  • Up to three hours for each month that the meetings take place in.

More information

Forum members can view meeting minutes, presentations and group discussion chats on the Get Involved Hub - HRF fourm.

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