Your safety – fire, gas and asbestos

Many fires in the home are caused by simple carelessness, so remember:

  • put cigarettes out properly before emptying ashtrays
  • don’t smoke in bed
  • don’t dry or air clothes around fires or cookers
  • keep matches away from children
  • put fireguards around fires
  • unplug or switch off all electrical equipment not being used, look out for danger signs of faulty appliances or wiring such as:
    • hot plugs and sockets
    • fuses that blow for no obvious reason
    • lights flickering
    • scorch marks on plugs and sockets
  • close all doors before going to bed
  • take extra care when frying chips or other foods - never leave a chip pan unattended. If it catches fire smother it with a damp cloth – do not throw water on the pan.
  • refrain from smoking in all internal common areas or blocks
  • remember – barbeques are not allowed on balconies
  • keep fire exits and escape routes clear. This could be a door leading from your home, a balcony walkway or any shared landing or staircase. The hall may be the only way out of your home so make sure there is nothing that might slow you down
  • be careful with candles and make sure they are secured in a proper holder and away from materials that may catch fire, like curtains
  • store or charge e-bikes or e-scooters away from a main through route or exit

Know the plan - advice issued by the London Fire Brigade

For further information visit smoke free England.

Visit: The London Fire Brigade

If a fire breaks out:

  • if it is safe too do so close all doors to prevent fire spreading
  • get everyone out quickly
  • call the fire brigade using 999 and give the exact address of the fire
  • use a neighbour’s phone or public call box - never go back into your home to use your own phone.
  • stay out of your home until the fire brigade tells you it is safe to return
  • if clothing catches fire lie down and roll around, as it makes it harder for the fire to spread. You can also smother the flames with a coat or blanket.
  • finally ... Have a plan. Know where you are going to go and what to do if there is a fire.

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