Property and procurement schemes

Ways to lease or let your property with our help. You may qualify for financial incentives.

Tenant introduction service

Looking for a fast, efficient way to let your property?

We offer:

  • a tenant vetting and matching service at no cost to the landlord
  • a fast and efficient property inspection service for local and neighbouring accommodation supply, to provide support and advice to landlords on property standards
  • a constant supply of vetted tenants eligible to rent for all sizes of property
  • council-backed guarantee in the event of damages or rent arrears
  • the option to extend the agreement at the end of the fixed period
  • financial incentives
  • dedicated tenancy relationship officer to mediate between you and the tenant.

Private sector leasing

Want to lease your property, enjoy guaranteed rent without the hassle of managing a tenancy?

We offer:

  • payment in advance directly from us
  • lease of residential property for fixed term
  • guaranteed rent even when the property is empty
  • tenancy management
  • free surveyor's report
  • financial incentives.

Private sector leasing is for landlords seeking to lease their properties for three years or more.

Contact property procurement on 020 8753 1241 or email

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