H&F Maintenance

Your housing repairs service is called H&F Maintenance.

We listened to what residents told us about the old repairs service and we've taken direct control of repairs and maintenance for our 17,000 homes.

We’re determined to provide a safe and secure place to live. H&F Maintenance is responsible for all housing repairs and maintenance. When you report a problem, our customer contact centre is here to help.

Changes to the repairs service

When we launched the new service, we introduced an annual review where we could look at the previous year with the contractors and decide what went well and what needed to improve.

As part of the annual review and from meetings throughout the year, both the council and United Living Property Services have mutually agreed that the residents of H&F will be best served if United Living Property Services withdraw from the contract on 29 October 2021.

The reserve contractor (as per the contracts) for United Living’s patch is Morgan Sindall (who currently carry our repairs in the north of the borough). They will take over the day-to-day repairs in this patch from October.

All new repairs reported after 1 October 2021 will be done by Morgan Sindall but United Living will continue working on repairs issued before 1 October until 29 October 2021. So, you may have works done by both contractors in your home during this interim period.

We will be working hard with both United Living and Morgan Sindall to minimise any disruption to you.

It is possible there may be delays when a contractor is scheduled to arrive and the time taken to complete your repairs.

There are national issues of shortages in labour and materials in the building industry and we are working with Morgan Sindall to look at how we solve this.

Please continue to report your repairs by:

Our staff will carry out many of the jobs on your estate, but we use trusted contractors to do some repairs and specialist work in your home.

See the Repairs and Maintenance Handbook (pdf 3.7MB) for more information.

We want H&F Maintenance to match what residents want from a repairs service. The people who use the service are the ones who know best, and we’re here to listen. We want to work with residents to make H&F Maintenance the best housing repairs service there is.