Homefinder UK

Homefinder UK is a national housing mobility scheme which brings social housing applicants, properties and landlords together, all in one portal. H&F have  joined the scheme to offer our social housing applicants more choice and opportunity to find suitable homes. Homefinder UK is not run by the council.

Homefinder UK is a scheme that gives residents the opportunity to move into affordable homes more suitable for their household size.  

This scheme helps:

  • homeless households
  • applicants living in temporary accommodation
  • private sector tenants threatened with homelessness
  • victims of domestic abuse and gang violence
  • overcrowded households
  • social tenants who want or need to move.

Homes are available across the UK. It may be the answer for you if you: 

  • want to move into affordable social housing
  • are looking to move to be closer to employment opportunities, family members or friends
  • need to move to provide or receive care or support
  • want to downsize to a smaller property, for example to reduce the impact of the recent welfare reforms.

Homefinder UK offers the following type of schemes/properties:

  • immediately available social housing properties
  • mutual exchange
  • wheelchair accessible
  • retirement / sheltered housing
  • Right to Move - moving for employment purposes.

Properties are made available by landlords and advertised on the Homefinder UK website. They also offer mutual exchanges through House Exchange and access to the government's Homeswap Direct service. By registering on Homefinder UK, you can see all immediately available homes and mutual exchanges.

Eligibility for the Homefinder scheme in H&F

You may be eligible for the scheme if:

  • you are a H&F council tenant or
  • you have been accepted as homeless by H&F council and living in temporary accommodation provided by the council
  • you are currently on the council’s housing register.

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