Leaseholder after sales

Freehold enfranchisement

We are pleased to offer eligible leaseholders the opportunity to buy the freehold to their properties.

What is freehold enfranchisement?

Leaseholders of buildings which are comprised wholly of leasehold properties are invited to purchase the freehold of their block in conjunction with the other leaseholders. This is known as freehold enfranchisement.

Benefits of buying your freehold

  • complete communal ownership of the block
  • complete communal management rights of the flats
  • complete management rights to the building
  • you no longer pay block service charge
  • you can agree to abolish ground rent jointly with your fellow freeholders.

Does my block qualify for freehold enfranchisement?

To qualify for freehold enfranchisement:

  • all flats in the block must be sold on long leases (long leases that have 21yrs + remaining)
  • building must comprise only flats and common parts
  • all leaseholders must jointly apply to buy the freehold
  • there must be at least two separate leaseholders and a leaseholder can not hold more than two flats in the block
  • flats cannot be on multi-purpose block estates
  • the property must not be affected by any council development proposal.

How do I apply to buy my freehold?

It's simple! Just complete the application form and return it to h&f Home Buy.

Lease extensions

Your lease runs for a limited numbers of years - in most cases 125 years. The council, as your landlord, owns the freehold of the building your flat is in.

We operate a voluntary lease extension policy. This means that we are willing to extend your lease for up to 90 years without you having to serve a notice under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.

The cost of the lease extensions varies and depends on the property and the number of years left on the first lease. For an indication please visit the Lease Advice website

Once we make you an offer for lease extensions and you accept the offer, we will send you a new lease on the same terms and conditions as the first lease. This new lease will be for the new period, which is the number of years left on the first lease plus the extra number of years you asked for. For example, if you ask for a 50-year extension and you first lease had 50 years to run, your new lease will be for 100 years.

Loft, roof space and other purchases

As a leaseholder, you may be able to purchase the loft and roof space above your property. The price for this varies and will depend on the size, development potential and location. The sale of the loft and roof is at the sole discretion of the council. We will recalculate your service charge to reflect the increase in the size of your property. You will be responsible for all fees related to the property.

Alterations to your property

If you are thinking of doing a loft conversion, extension or basement conversion, you should first check your lease to make sure the area you are going to build on is included in your lease.

You will need landlord's consent to make alterations and improvements to your council property.

Find out more about making alterations to council properties

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