H&F lettable standard

This is the standard you can expect when you move into your new home.

In general

  • The property will be in good repair, free from damp, mould, wet and dry rot, timber decay or infestation
  • Gutters and downpipes will be intact and free from leaks
  • Roofs should be in a watertight condition
  • All light fittings, sockets and switches will be safe and working properly
  • Details on how to find the utility meters, fuse box and water stop cock will be provided
  • Floors and stairs (where applicable) will be in sound condition and have no loose floorboards
  • Balustrades and handrails (where applicable) will be secure
  • Plasterwork will be in satisfactory condition
  • Gas and electricity installations in the property will be inspected and tested by a competent inspector in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations. We will give you a copy of the certificates in your sign-up pack

We will make every effort to allocate properties with aids and adaptations to an applicant household that needs them. However, where this is not possible, we will not remove or change aids and adaptations.

For instance, if a new tenant wishes to replace a level access shower with a bath they may be allowed to do so, but only after seeking permission and at their own expense


  • Decoration in good condition will be left in place
  • Existing wallpaper, if in good condition, will not be removed. Damaged wallpaper will be stripped
  • Gloss paintwork will be cleaned
  • Walls and ceiling surfaces will be in a suitable condition for redecoration. Any crumbling or loose plaster will be hacked off and repaired
  • We want you to be able to make your home your own. To help you do this we may provide a decoration voucher, dependent upon the condition of the existing decoration


  • Kitchen units will be clean and in a sound condition
  • All base and wall units’ doors will open and close easily
  • Worktops will be in a good condition and sealed where they meet the wall and around the sink
  • In some sheltered schemes with laundry facilities, washing machine spaces may not be provided
  • An adequate number of sockets should be available above worktop level – with a minimum of two double sockets
  • Floor coverings will be non-slip, washable, and in a good condition
  • Cupboards and worktops will be clean inside and out
  • An extractor fan will be fitted, where possible

Where possible, space will be available for a:

  • fridge/freezer
  • washing machine (with plumbing and drainage)
  • cooker (with electrical outlet and a gas connection where possible).

Sockets will be fitted below worktops and switches above. Please note: due to space restrictions, standard white goods may not be suitable – in these cases narrow goods may be necessary.


  • All fittings will be clean, in good condition and free from leaks and blockages
  • Baths with cracked or damaged enamel or fiberglass will be repaired or replaced
  • Sealant to baths (and showers) will be sound, free from mould, intact and watertight
  • The toilet will not have any cracks or leaks, it will be clean, and the flush mechanism will work
  • A new toilet seat will be fitted
  • Taps will turn on and off correctly and not drip
  • Sinks and baths will have a fitted plug and chain
  • Tiling and grouting will be clean and sound
  • Floor coverings will be non-slip, washable, and in a good condition
  • An extractor fan will be fitted, where possible


  • The property will be cleaned and clear of all previous residents’ belongings
  • The floors will be swept and cleaned
  • The kitchen units and work tops will be cleaned
  • The bathroom fixtures and fittings will be cleaned
  • The woodwork and all surfaces will be cleaned

Doors and windows

  • External door locks to the property will be changed and new keys to doors and windows (at least two sets) will be provided
  • External doors and windows will be watertight
  • All doors and windows will open and close with ease
  • All ironmongery, such as hinges, catches, locks, handles, will be in working order
  • Bathroom and WC will have a snib lock installed
  • Any broken windows will be re-glazed, and any broken internal glass will be repaired
  • Double glazed units will be replaced if they are defective, leaking or their transparency is significantly impaired


  • Vinyl flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms and WC will be intact and free of trip hazards
  • Please note that we do not provide floor covering to other rooms


  • The property will have a source of space heating. This may be in the form of an individual heating system, communal heating or night storage heaters
  • All heating systems will be controllable by the resident


To comply with current regulations, we will check the property for asbestos and ensure that it is either removed or left in a safe condition, in accordance with our asbestos policy and procedures. We will give you a copy of the asbestos summary.

Garden and external areas

  • Repairs to fences, gates, paths, patios, paving, sheds and so forth, will only be carried out where they are causing, or are likely to cause, a hazard
  • Sheds that are a hazard will be removed, but not replaced
  • Gullies and grids will be clean, manholes free from obstruction and covers easy to lift
  • Gardens will be cleared of rubbish and overgrown shrubbery

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