Being a good neighbour

It is important that neighbours treat each other with respect, and if you live in a flat, or maisonette, this is even more important.

A good neighbour will:

  • Keep noise from stereos, radios and TVs at reasonable levels.
  • Use refuse collection areas properly and make sure that surrounding areas are not left in an untidy state.
  • Not allow anything to be thrown or dropped from balconies or windows.
  • Not bring any motorcycle, moped or any machinery having a petrol engine into any part of the building.
  • Not undertake noisy DIY/ work during the evening/ night time.
  • Keep communal areas clear and not store any material or items in hallways or under stairs.

Fire safety: Keeping communal areas clear (pdf 180KB)


You need to ask our permission to keep a dog. Please think about whether your home is suitable for a pet, for example a flat may not be the best place to keep a dog. You must keep your pets under control and ensure that they do not cause a nuisance.

You must not allow your pet to cause a nuisance, such as a dog barking inside or outside your home. Dogs must be kept on leads when outside your home or garden. Pets must not be allowed to foul in communal or public areas, if they do you must clear up after them.