Trees and tree preservation orders

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and the preservation of trees in the borough and how to apply for tree works.

We have a duty to protect trees in the borough and those which are particularly important are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).

These orders make it an offence to remove, prune or damage protected trees even if they are on private land. If you want to carry out work on a tree which is subject to a Tree Preservation Order, you will need to obtain our permission.

You can read more about Tree Preservation Orders on GOV.UK.

To find out if a tree has a TPO please check the TPO list (pdf), for more details about the specific trees affected and to obtain copies of TPOs, please contact us:

020 8753 1081

Copies of TPOs cost £22 each. You can pay by credit or debit card over the phone, please do not send cheques or cash.

You need to apply for permission to work on a tree protected by a TPO. Firstly enter your address in the weblink below then you can download, complete and return the form to us - Application for TPO tree works form.

Guidance on how to fill in the application for tree works form

Trees in conservation areas

Even if a tree is not protected by a TPO, it may be in a conservation area. If you want to prune or remove a tree on private land in a conservation area, you will need to give us six weeks prior written notice. This only applies to trees with a trunk diameter of 75 mm or more. We will consider whether the works are acceptable or whether a Tree Preservation Order may be justified in the interests of amenity to prevent the works from going ahead.  

To provide us with six weeks prior written notice of proposed tree works in a conservation area, firstly enter your address in the weblink below then you can download, complete and return the form to us - Notice of tree works in conservation area form.

Guidance on how to fill in the tree works form

For more details about working on a tree in a conservation area, visit Tree Protection Orders on GOV.UK.

To find out if a tree is in a conservation area please use the property search tool on our website or visit our conservation areas page.

Report a problem with a council owned tree

To report a problem with a tree on a street, in a park or on other council-owned land in the borough, please use the online reporting system:

Report a problem with trees

More on trees in the borough

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