Parcels Not Pollution

H&F Council are offering local businesses and organisations the chance to use our pollution-busting Parcels Not Pollution cargo bike scheme.

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We’re offering local businesses and organisations the chance to use our pollution-busting Parcels Not Pollution cargo bike scheme to help make deliveries around the borough greener.

Through the scheme, we are supporting businesses with FREE advice and support in the form of one-off subsidies to help them switch to using cargo bikes, including electric ones, in their day-to-day business.

Designed to reduce the number of polluting van and car journeys taken on our streets, it’s part of the actions we’re taking in our fight to clean our toxic air.

Who can apply?

Parcels Not Pollution is available to any business, charity, market stallholder or organisation based in H&F. Families and carers wanting to make the switch from car to cargo bike can also benefit.

Running until April 2025, families can apply for up to £2,000 towards purchasing or leasing a cargo bike.

Businesses can now apply for up to either:

  • £1,500 towards purchasing or leasing a cargo bike
  • 50 per cent off the cost of using a cargo bike service in a two-month period (up to £300 in total over the two months)

Parcels Not Pollution extended until April 2025 - Hammersmith BID.

How it works

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Building on Hammersmith BID’s pilot scheme, H&F Council is working with MP Smarter Travel to help local businesses identify and access delivery services that best suits their needs.

The service is completely free of charge.

Applicants can choose from a variety of couriers and retailers from across London to help deliver their products safely and efficiently.

Should you wish to purchase your own cargo bike, we will be able to provide advice on the best type of cargo bike for your business and transportation needs.

Get in touch

To find out more contact Ollie Kirman at MP Smarter Travel.


  • What is a cargo bike?

    A cargo bike is an electrically assisted long wheelbase bike designed to carry goods in a lockable boxes.

    Many are now electric, which increases their operating range and carrying capabilities.

    Unlike petrol vehicles, they don’t produce any fumes while they’re being ridden making them a cleaner option for deliveries and collections.

    Cargo bikes come in various shapes and sizes with two-, three- and even four-wheel versions. Some models come with large containers and trailers which can carry up to 400kg or have chiller containers for food and drinks.

  • What can cargo bikes carry and deliver?

    Put simply, anything that will fit in the container or can be tied to a trailer or rack safely and securely can be transported by cargo bike.

    Cargo bikes can carry most things up to 400kg depending on the model, and will have either a lockable container, rack at the front, or trailer at the rear which can be used to tie items to.

    As cargo bikes are so versatile, they can be used to transport large and small items including:

    • legal document
    • flowers
    • food trays for catering events
    • bottled or canned beverages and bags of coffee
    • sculptures and art
    • computer equipment
    • construction tools and material samples
    • advertising portfolios
    • baked goods.


  • Can they deliver, collect or both?

    Fully trained riders perform collections, deliveries or both on the same day or future days depending on your business needs.

  • What types of business can use the bikes to transport goods and products?

    Cargo bikes and courier services are used by hundreds of businesses and organisations to deliver anything from caviar to laptops and even sculptures.

    Businesses that can use the service include: 

    • restaurants, cafes, bakers and patisseries 
    • retailers
    • dry cleaners and laundrettes 
    • florists
    • hot food businesses 
    • pharmacies 
    • professional service firms such as law and financial services, and advertising agencies.

    There are a range of service providers - using cargo bikes to deliver their services - who are also available to take part in this scheme.

    These services include:

    • window washing
    • electricians
    • florists
    • bakers
    • caterers
    • printers
    • office suppliers and many more.

    Depending on your requirements, MP Smarter Travel will be able to advise on the right type of cargo bike service to use and put you in touch with them.

  • What hours can I use a cargo bike courier service?

    Different cargo bike couriers have different operating hours.

    However, most couriers are available to do deliveries Monday to Sunday between 7am to 8pm, with shorter hours on weekends.

    We recommend asking about opening or delivery hours before engaging with a recommended service provider, particularly if you anticipate having deliveries outside of normal working hours.

  • What are the advantages compared to a van?

    Cargo bikes don’t require driving licences and with just a little training most people will be able to ride them. Most of the services even provide a rider, removing the need to train staff to drive a van.

    Cargo bikes have lower running costs compared to vans and there are no congestion or emission charges, or parking fees. They can also be faster than a van as the bike can avoid traffic by using cycle lanes.

    With zero exhaust emissions, cargo bikes can help cut local air pollution levels and help you do your bit to reduce your business's emissions as we work to reach net zero carbon emissions in H&F by 2030.

  • How fast can electric cargo bikes go?

    You may think delivery vans are faster than cargo bikes but that's not necessarily true.

    Although electric cargo bikes are limited to 15.5mph, they can use cycle lanes and back streets, beating traffic, so they can make deliveries and collections faster than a car or van.

  • Are my products safe with you?

    If you choose to use a cargo bike courier, it is important that all goods are appropriately packaged with suitable materials.

    Cargo bike couriers will take every measure to ensure that parcels are delivered undamaged, but businesses will need to take their own precautions to properly package their parcels.

    H&F, MP Smarter Travel and cargo bike couriers can’t accept any liability for items that are poorly packaged.

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