Hate crime pledge

We will take a stand against hate crime in Hammersmith & Fulham.

We will take a stand against hate crime in Hammersmith & Fulham

Individual pledge

By making this pledge, I promise to:

– Do my best to combat prejudice and stop those who would hurt anyone because of hate or prejudice.
– Try to be aware of my own prejudices and try to understand people I see as different.
– Speak out against all forms of prejudice and discrimination.
– Support victims of hate.
– Think of ways that I and my community can promote respect for all people.

I believe one person can make a difference and everyone has a part to play in creating a community that is NO PLACE FOR HATE.”

Organisation pledge

In Hammersmith & Fulham we identify that all agencies – statutory, voluntary, public, and the private sector – have a part to play in combating hate crime. By making this pledge, we promise to work in partnership to ensure Hammersmith & Fulham is NO PLACE FOR HATE.”

  • By making this pledge as an organisation we promise to:
    • Send details to relevant Hammersmith & Fulham community safety officers (020 8753 4756) if we have any concerns about the subjects/speakers and their history in terms of hate speech.
    • Ensure any bookings/events found to breach the hate crime campaign will be cancelled.
    • Evaluate our response for the needs of service users and employees who may have experienced hate crime.
    • Train our staff on hate crime subjects and how to respond to victims and witnesses who report incidents.
    • Share evidence with Hammersmith & Fulham community safety unit on the amount of hate crime incidents that come to our attention.
    • Present materials in our public reception areas condemning all forms of hate.
    • Provide information for victims and witnesses of hate crime to enable them to access support.
    • Identify a lead hate crime champion in our agencies who will maintain up to date information on hate crime topics and service changes in the borough.
    • Be involved in activities that promote Hammermsith & Fulham Council’s hate crime campaign (voluntary).
    • Ensure that our policy and procedures effectively consider hate crime or incidents that may occur in the workplace either between employees, or against staff members or the public.

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