Community MARAC  

The H&F Community MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference) is a monthly multi-agency meeting where information is shared, and action plans developed to manage and resolve complex, high risk cases of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).  

The primary focus of the Community MARAC is to safeguard victims and witnesses and prevent further victimisation. Relevant information is shared about victims, witnesses and those causing risk or harm. Representatives discuss options for increasing the safety of the victims and addressing the behaviour of perpetrators causing risk or harm through co-ordinated action plans to offer immediate support.  

What is the purpose of the Community MARAC? 

 The Community CMARAC aims to:

  • Information sharing: to increase the safety, health and wellbeing of victims and / or witnesses, both adults and children 
  • Risk identification and management: Determine whether any individuals pose a risk to specific persons or to the general community 
  • Problem solving and action planning: Encourage problem solving to jointly construct and implement action plans that provide professional support to those at risk and that reduces the risk of harm  
  • Multi-agency engagement: Representation, engagement and effective partnership and communication by, and between, agencies 
  • Accountability: Agencies are accountable for identifying and carrying out actions 
  • Integrity, openness and honesty: Encourage transparency between agencies  
  • Creativity: Encourage creative and innovative ways of working 
  • Best Practice: contribute to the development of best practice and identify policy issues and raise these through the appropriate channels 

Who can be referred?  

A case should be referred to CMARAC if the victim or perpetrator are vulnerable or at risk to either themselves or others and the case would benefit from a multi-agency action plan. Professionals can refer case by completing the referral form which includes a risk assessment.  

Who attends the meeting?  

Meetings are chaired by the Chief Inspector for Neighbourhood Policing. Meetings are regularly attended by professionals from multiple different agencies including Community Safety, Children’s Services, Adult Social Care, West London Mental Health Trust, Noise Nuisance, Probation and Drug and Alcohol support services. Agencies are also invited for specific cases if they have had contact with the individuals involved in the case or there is a benefit of them being there.  

How can I submit a referral?  

Community MARAC panels are held monthly on the second Tuesday of every month.  

Step 1 – Make a referral using the CMARAC referral form that can be downloaded below.  

Step 2 – Once a referral has been received the CMARAC coordinator will review the referral form and check whether enough information has been provided. The referrer will be contacted if more information is needed and informed whether the case will be heard at the CMARAC.  

Step 3 – If a referral is accepted, a request for further information will be made to partner agencies and they will be invited to attend the next meeting.  

Step 4 – the case will be added to the agenda for discussion at the next Community MARAC.  

For further advice and new referrals please contact  

Referral form: Community MARAC referral form (docx)

Community MARAC privacy notice