Your Christmas and New Year booklet

Winter Update 2022

Our 2022 Christmas and New Year booklet includes advice and tips to help with the cost of living, a section on staying well this winter by getting boosted and a What's On guide for the Christmas period.

The booklet also includes Christmas and New Year bin and recycling collection details, advice about seasonal recycling and how to recycle your Christmas tree.

With our best wishes and please have a safe Christmas.

Christmas and New Year information from H&F Council

Read the Winter Update 2022 booklet on or download it as a pdf file (5.2MB).

Season’s Greetings

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Image caption: Image 1: Cllr Stephen Cowan

Message from H&F Leader Stephen Cowan:

On Christmas Day we will provide a two-course festive feast to over 500 local older people. We have been able to continue this tradition because of the generous support offered by H&F Giving, local businesses and many residents. It is always a happy, and at times inspirational, gathering.

We saw that same kindness during the pandemic, with tens of thousands of residents across our borough looking out for and helping people they didn’t know.

Now we have a new call to arms.

We face the biggest inflation and drop in living standards in modern history. Britain’s economy is blighted by Brexit, which has produced chronic labour shortages, and the worst trade figures since records began. Thousands of local people are struggling to feed their families and warm their homes. These are challenges of historic proportions.

Uniquely, Hammersmith & Fulham offers free breakfasts to all primary school children and free adult social care. We have comprehensive support programmes and will continue to prioritise local services. But we will need to do much more.

So, as we look ahead to 2023, it’s vital we do so with a determination that we will win through. We have set ourselves the task of building the biggest support alliance of businesses, charities, faith groups, and residents than ever before. That’s how we will rise to these challenges.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and healthy and happy New Year.

PS. If you’d like to donate to H&F Giving please do so online at the H&F Giving website.