Where Culture Connects: The cultural strategy for H&F

Our new 10-year strategy will shape the future of the arts and culture scene for local residents.

A collage of 4 images: top left is a CGI of the new Olympia, top right is a singer performing at Westfield. Bottom left is an outdoor view of Bush theatre and bottom right is a dance performance by Disabled people.

Our vision is a place where our people celebrate together and feel they belong, where visitors are wowed, and where local creativity supports innovation and drives investment, jobs and shared prosperity.

The Cultural Strategy aligns with and build upon the work of the Arts Commission, to provide a strategic framework that reflects the borough’s aspirations.

The strategy:

  • represents the whole borough and those contributing to and participating in the arts. It is not just a strategy for the council
  • will act as an anchor point to support fundraising and inward investment for the H&F arts sector
  • will inform arts and cultural programming for our new Civic Campus
  • aligns with our Industrial Strategy

Visit the Where Culture Connects website to read our cultural strategy.

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