Monthly registration statistics

The table below will show the monthly alterations to the Electoral Register since publication of the register on 1 December 2022.

Additions show the number of new electors added to the register. This is because they have recently registered at a property.

Deletions show the number of electors removed from the register. This is usually because the electors have moved or died.

Modifications show the number of electors who have had changes made to the way their name is shown. This can be because they have recently changed their name or nationality, or because we previously had their name, nationality or date of birth incorrectly recorded.

Monthly registration statistics for 2023
Month Additions Deletions Modifications
1 February 2023 1,000 971 18
3 January 2023 659 837 16

Register of Electors Annual Revision - 1 December 2022 (pdf 104KB)