Anonymous registration

How to register anonymously in Hammersmith & Fulham

If your safety may be at risk if details are published on the voters list, you can register anonymously.

This new scheme is suitable for people escaping domestic violence or for people whose occupation means they must keep their identity private. It is not intended for people who do not want their details sold, they can ‘opt-out’ instead. Details about opting out of the register are on our register to vote page.

The scheme allows people to vote in person, by post or by proxy without their identity or their address being made public. It also enables those who live with someone who is at risk to register anonymously.

To apply you must satisfy the usual nationality, age and residency requirements outlined on our who can register to vote page.

You must also provide evidence to support your application. The options are:

  • a court order or injunction for your protection, which must be in force currently
  • have your application supported by a qualified person, such as; a police officer of the rank of superintendant in any police force in the UK; a Director General of the Security Services or the Serious Organised Crime Agency; or a Director of Adult Social Services or Children’s Services.
  • a copy of a court order or attestation for someone at risk and proof that you live in the same household as that person.

If your application is successful, your name and address will not appear on the voters list. You will be sent a certificate of anonymous registration which you can send to credit reference agencies to prove your identity if you want to obtain credit or open a bank account.

Registration lasts for one year – at the end of this period you must renew your registration to retain your anonymity.

Download the application for anonymous registration (pdf 409KB).