Annual registration canvass

Information about Hammersmith & Fulham's annual canvass that will run from July to December 2023.

Updating your household details

This year, our annual canvass will run from July to December 2023. We carry out the canvass to make sure we have the most up to date information before updating the annual revision to the electoral register, which will be published on 1 December 2023.

Every year, we must contact every property in the borough to find out if there are any changes to the household, to remove details of the people who no longer live there or add new people. We are required by law to conduct the canvass on an annual basis.

This year, households will be sent one of the following two letters:

  • A confirmation letter known as a Canvass Communication A (CCA) which will be sent to households where our records matched against government and local data. Recipients of this letter only need to respond if they need to make any changes to the details printed on the letter. CCAs will be deilvered in mid-September.


  • A letter known as a Canvass Communication B (CCB) which will be sent to households where some details could not be matched against government and local data. Recipients of this letter MUST respond regardless of whether there are any changes to be made. CCBs will be delivered in mid-July.

Some households will also be sent these communications via email. Read more information about the email.

Recipients of CCBs who do not respond will be sent a further communication known as a Canvass Form. Canvass Forms will be delivered in August. Recipients of this form MUST respond regardless of whether there are any changes to be made.

Households that don’t respond to their CCB or Canvass Form will receive a personal visit from an electoral registration canvasser. Canvassers will be making visits between late August and mid-November 2023. Members of the Electoral Services team will also be phoning some non-responding households to check the details for this year's canvass.

How to respond

There are two security codes printed on your letter. You will need to have these to hand when you respond online, by phone or text.

If there are no changes:

  • visit the official H&F Council response website and enter part 1 and part 2 of your security code, as well as your postcode
  • if the pre-printed details are correct, you can call our automated response line on 0808 284 1433
  • text both parts of the security code, separated by a space, to 07786 209 433
  • by post at: Electoral Services, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Town Hall, King Street, London, W6 9JU

If there are changes you can tell us:

What happens next?

If you confirm that there are no changes we will not need to contact you again as part of the 2023 canvass.

If you tell us new people have moved in we will arrange to send them an individual registration form so they can register to vote. They can also register online by using the GOV.UK website

If you tell us someone has moved away we will review their registration.

For more information about electoral registration, visit the Electoral Commission website.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about the annual registration canvass, you may find the answer in our frequently asked questions that follow.

  • What does 'included on the open register' mean?

    There are two versions of the electoral register – the ‘full register’ and the ‘open register’.

    We are obliged by law to produce the full electoral register for election purposes, the prevention and detection of crime and checking identity when you apply for credit.

    We are also obliged by law to provide an open register that can be bought by anyone to use for any purpose. The open register must leave out the names of anyone who asks for their details to be excluded from it.

  • Can I register at two addresses?

    Normally people are registered at their permanent home address.

    Students may register at both their term-time and non term-time address. If you are living somewhere temporarily but have a permanent address elsewhere, you should register at the permanent address.

    You can register at two addresses if you actually live at two addresses. For example, people who work in London during the week and return elsewhere at weekends will be able to register at both addresses. Homes for recreational purposes are unlikely to qualify.

  • I am about to move – what do I do with this form?

    If you have a confirmed move date you should go online to delete your names.

    If you are not sure when you are moving, it would be better to renew your registration now to make sure that you are registered, and contact us or your new borough once you have moved.

  • I have dual nationality – am I entitled to register?

    If one of your nationalities is British, Irish or a qualifying Commonwealth nationality you have full registration and voting rights.

    If one of your nationalities is on the list of EU and Commonwealth countries, you can also register. If neither of your nationalities is on those lists, you cannot register to vote in England.

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