Annual registration canvass

Updating your household details

This year, our annual canvass will run from July to November. We carry out the canvass to make sure we have the most up to date information before updating the annual revision to the electoral register, which will be published on 29 November.

Every year, we must contact every property in the borough to find out if there are any changes to the household, to remove details of the people who no longer live there or add new people. To do this we send every property a household enquiry form. We are required by law to conduct the canvass, including every property in the borough on an annual basis.

These forms were hand delivered between 14 August and 18 August. The forms are addressed to ‘The people living at’ and will show the details of all the people in your household who are registered to vote.

We will be sending reminder forms to properties who do not respond between 12 and 15 September.

Even if there are no changes and the names of the registered voters are correct, you still need to respond to the form to let us know that this is the case.

How to respond

There are two security codes printed on your letter. You will need to have these to hand when you respond by phone, text or online.

If there are no changes:

If there are changes you can tell us:

Please note: The jury exempt age has changed from over 70 to over 76. Please check the details carefully before responding.

What happens next?

If you confirm that there are no changes we will not need to contact you again as part of the 2019 canvass.

If you tell us new people have moved in we will arrange to send them an individual registration form so they can register to vote.

If you tell us someone has moved away we will review their registration.

For more information about electoral registration, visit the Your Vote Matters website.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about the annual registration canvass, you may find the answer in our frequently asked questions that follow.

For more information about electoral registration, visit the Your Vote Matters website.

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