Acceptable proof of identity and proof of authority to act

Last updated: September 2020

To keep your data safe, we sometimes need you to provide proof of your name and your address.

If you’re acting on someone else’s behalf (another individual/data subject) we may ask you to provide proof of their name and address as well as proof that you have their consent or authority to act on their behalf.

We ask for this for several reasons, including: 

  • to make sure we only share your data with people that have a right to access it 
  • to make sure you have authority or permission to act on another’s behalf 
  • to make sure we have the correct contact information for you 
  • to reduce fraud. 

Please send or email good quality copies – we don’t need the originals.  If you’d prefer to give them to us in person then please make an appointment by contacting our Resident Experience Team.

Please contact the Resident Experience Team if none of the listed documents are available to you. For contact details see Your data rights – how to exercise them

Proof of your (or the data subject’s) name and address:

Please provide us with one copy from this name document list: 

Name documents: 

  • passport 
  • driving licence 
  • biometric residence card 
  • national identity card 
  • travel document 
  • birth or adoption certificate or certificate of registry of birth

and one copy from this address document list: 

Address documents: 

  • recent (within last 3 months) utility bill (energy, telephone, internet, water) 
  • most recent (within last 12 months) council tax statement 
  • recent (within last 3 months) bank, building society or credit card statement 

Change of name - If the name is different from the name on the document, please also provide a copy of one document from the list below: 

  • marriage certificate 
  • decree absolute/decree nisi papers 
  • deed poll or statutory declaration 

Proof of your authority or permission to act on the data subject’s behalf: 

If you’re making a request on someone else’s behalf, please provide us with a copy of one document from the list below: 

  • signed written consent from the individual that you are acting on their behalf. The written consent must include:
    • your full name and contact details,
    • details of where we should send our final response (if different from your contact details), and
    • the data subject’s full name and signature. 
  • proof that you have parental authority (a birth certificate or proof of parental responsibility), if you’re applying on behalf of a child under the age of 12.  
  • evidence of a power of attorney. This needs to include the mark of the Public Guardian. If it doesn’t then we will need to contact the Public Guardian for a search of their registers to confirm you have authority to act before we are able to progress your request 
  • health professional evidence that the individual is unable to provide consent and that you therefore act on their behalf on appropriate letter-headed paper  
  • court order.  

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