What we are doing

Our priorities for 2022-2026 and some examples of what we have done so far.

Priorities for 2022-2026 

  • Continuing to implement the Disabled People's Commission (DPC) recommendations
  • Co-producing a resident focused culture
  • Service transformation using Independent Living principles
  • Ensuring co-production becomes a tool in reframing our relationship with the community

Some examples of the work we are doing

  • Supporting 8 resident led groups co-producing with the council on
    - digital accessibility
    - implementing the Disabled People’s Housing Strategy
    - increasing the take up of Direct Payments
    - the award winning re-development of the Civic Cmpus and surrounding area
    - creating an inclusive environment in H&F
  • transforming council services using Independent Living, reviewing planning applications 
  • Working with a group of disabled residents and community organisations to review progress on embedding our commitment to co-production
  • Working with families and young people to co-produce a number of new Family Hubs across the borough
  • Training up council officers on how to do co-production with residents
  • Working with Action on Disability to deliver a number of Disability Equity & Co-production training programmes to build the capacity of local Disabled people to become active co-producers
  • Supporting a group of local young Disabled people to promote their Inclusion Charter to increase their involvement in co-producing local services for children and young people

Although it takes time to make the changes that we need so that residents can be fully involved in co-production, we have made a positive start. 

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