Co-production – Doing things with residents not to residents

Welcome to the council’s co-production page! Co-production is about a new way of doing things together and building a new partnership between the council and the wonderfully diverse community of Hammersmith & Fulham! 

Making decisions with Disabled residents not for Disabled residents, to bring to life our commitment to ‘doing things with residents not to residents'" Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of H&F Council

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Image caption: Image 1: Cllr Stephen Cowan (pictured centre) with members of the Civic Campus Commission and the Disabled People’s Commission inspecting the progress of demolition work at the Hammersmith Town Hall Extension (January 2020)

Our co-production vision

Our way of working is different. We co-produce with residents, the community sector, councillors and other partners to build shared solutions that are implemented at H&F.

Taking a co-produced approach to the design and delivery of community support and services, will help us work together with the community to bring to life our commitment to ‘doing things with residents not to them’

The council’s commitment to co-producing policies and services with residents came from the recommendations set out in the Disabled People’s Commission (DPC) report published in June 2018.

  • What do we mean by co-production?

    When we talk about co-production we mean...

    Local Disabled residents are working together with decision makers to actively identify, design, and evaluate policy decisions and service delivery that affect our lives and remove the barriers we face.

What is co-production? (British Sign Language video)

What is co-production - link to video with BSL

We will only know it’s working when ALL residents say that it is. We know it will be a big change for us all but everyone is excited about the real possibilities.

We are the first local authority in the country to commit to co-production across a whole council in this way. 

We will only know it’s working when ALL residents say that it is. We know it will be a big change for us all but everyone is excited about the real possibilities.

Turning commitment into action

Since 2018 we have been busy setting up a number of opportunities to co-produce change with Disabled residents.

Announcing a new co-production group

We’re pleased to announce that a new resident led co-production group has just been recruited. The Independent Living Delivery Group will focus on turning the council’s vision for Independent Living into action, transforming the way Disabled residents access homecare and support. The group will be based in the community at Action on Disability and will include Disabled residents and council officers working together in co-production. More details to follow shortly…

  • Where it all started 

    On International Day of Disabled People in December 2015, representatives of Hammersmith & Fulham Council made a commitment to working closely with Disabled residents to make decisions about support and services.

    The Disabled People's Commission was formed to set in place a new way of doing things that would ensure that Disabled residents, councillors and officers and other organisations in the borough worked together in a way that values and respects the rights of local Disabled people.

  • Disabled People's Housing Strategy Implementation Group (DPHSIG) 

    Hammersmith & Fulham Council is planning radical improvements in how it works with Disabled people to provide housing and support.

    This commitment to co-production was marked in September 2021 with the publication of our first-ever housing strategy created in partnership with local Disabled residents. The strategy is ambitious and designed to meet the aspirations and priorities of Disabled residents across the borough, as we work to do things with, not to, local people.

    A resident led group is now co-producing the implementation of the strategy. For more information please follow the link to the strategy below.  

    View the strategy

    Disabled People's Housing Strategy 2021

    The Disabled People's Housing Strategy (plan) was developed in co-production with Disabled people as good quality housing is very important in supporting Disabled residents to have choice and control in their lives.

    This plan addresses how the council will work to ensure the best housing options for Disabled residents in the borough and puts into action some of the recommendations of the Disabled People's Commission in the context of housing service delivery.

    H&F’s vision is to support Disabled residents to live as independently as possible (with support where appropriate) and have opportunities to access the appropriate housing options and suitable accommodation that meets their needs.

    The plan contains four important goals:

    • Create a culture of co-production with Disabled residents and work together with those residents to improve their influence in shaping housing services.
    • Improve access to housing information with Disabled residents including housing options and housing services.
    • Improve the council’s services as a landlord for Disabled residents.
    • Identify ways to increase the supply of accessible and affordable housing to meet the needs with Disabled residents.
  • Inclusive Design Review Panel

    The aim of the Inclusive Design Review Panel (IDRP) is to help the council achieve its ambition to be the most accessible borough in England using inclusive design principles.

    The IDRP are a group of Disabled residents with lived experience of facing barriers when accessing housing, public buildings and open space. They provide advice to Hammersmith and Fulham Council to make sure planning applications create new accessible and inclusive buildings that work for everyone.

    We are resourcing the Inclusive Design Review Panel to make sure that new planning applications create new buildings that are accessible and inclusive for everyone.

  • Civic Campus

    One of the first successes has been the co-production work on the Hammersmith Civic Campus project, a huge public project, which includes refurbishment of the town hall and the development of new housing and a cinema.

    A team of six Disabled residents (DRT) has worked with council officers from planning, the architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Proudlock Associates, which is a Disabled person led access consultancy.  

    This way of working ensured a high level of inclusive design throughout the process, something both residents and the architects have described as a pioneering way to work and not the usual way that things are done.

    The planning application was agreed in February 2019 and Disabled residents continue be part of the team all the way through. The work has been shortlisted for a National Planning Award 2020.

    Barriers faced by Disabled people in using buildings and open spaces were raised early before plans were submitted rather than left to detailed design at a later stage. This way of working together allowed robust solutions to be found early as well as saving time and money for the developer. This is most unusual and should be adopted in all major development projects.” – Jane Wilmot, Co-chair Disabled Residents Team

    • Co-chair is a Disabled resident and residents are paid for their work.
    • Residents were part of the team and not just seen as ‘service users’ - this built respectful working relationships.
    • Disabled residents helped identify barriers to working together as a team and to find solutions to remove them.
    • Residents involved nearly all the way through.
    • Early practical difficulties were resolved, for example meeting each other's access needs.
    • Everyone took part in Disability equality training team building workshop, learning together.
    • The architects say this way of working has saved time and money in the long term.

    Find out more about the Civic Campus

  • Digital Accessibility Group

    The Digital Accessibility Group (DAG) will include residents who represent our exciting and diverse community and council staff, working together to ensure design and delivery of our programme. It is particularly important that our programme is inclusive of and accessible to residents who face a range of barriers to accessing information, including younger and older people, people with English as an additional language and Disabled people.

    We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion so will do our best to meet the access requirements of DAG members to ensure meetings and other activities are inclusive.

    See Digital Accessibility Group for more information

  • Events and training

    People sitting in a circle having a discussion with a person in a wheelchair
    Disability Equality & Co-production Training Course starting October 28 2023

    Do you want to be part of the drive to make Hammersmith and Fulham the best place for Disabled people to live and work?

    Do you want to work together with councillors and council officers on services and policies that affect Disabled people?

    Do you want to use your lived experience as a Disabled person to shape the Independent Living agenda, which means Disabled people living in the community with the same choices, control and freedom as anybody else?

    If so, this training course is for you!

    It is free to attend, and you will be paid for your involvement. It is open to all Disabled people who live, work, volunteer or study in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF).

    When will it take place?

    Session 1: Saturday 28 October 10.30am to 4pm
    Followed by 6 more sessions on Wednesdays 4pm to 7pm on the following dates: 
    1 November, 8 November, 15 November, 22 November, 29 November and 6 December.

    Where will the course take place?

    The course will be held in person at Action on Disability, Centre for Independent Living, Mo Mowlam House, Clem Atlee Court, SW6 7BF.

    We will make it as accessible as we can for participants so please let us know any access needs you may have when you register. 

    How do I participate?

    To find out more information or to register, please contact Action on Disability by emailing: or call: 0207 385 2098

    Our commitment to you:

    To support and give you the skills and knowledge to developing services and policy to remove barriers for Disabled people in LBHF .

    To become a co-producer and work alongside councillors and officers to create Independent Living and empowering services in LBHF.

    Your commitment:

    To attend and participate in the training course.

    Disability Equality & Co-production Training Course flyer (jpg)

  • Get in touch

    Please get in touch with us to find out more about our work and how you can get involved.

    Kevin Caulfield and Tara Flood
    Strategic Lead Co-production (job share)
    Public Services Reform Department (PSR)
    Chief Executive’s Office
    Hammersmith & Fulham Council

    Or use our contact form:

    Contact form

    Mobile and text: Kevin 07776 672 367 or Tara 07776 672 830

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