Council tax appeals

Querying your council tax band

We don’t decide which band you are in. If you think your council tax band is not correct, you should contact the government’s Valuation Office Agency.

Generally, you can appeal against your council tax banding within six months of:

  • becoming a new council taxpayer for a property
  • the VOA telling you that your banding has changed.

If you make a proposal to the VOA, they must make a decision within four months of receiving it, and tell you of the decision and the reasons for it. Once you receive the VOA officer’s decision, if you do not agree, you have three months to appeal to the independent valuation tribunal.

Valuation tribunals

For a full list of circumstances when a valid appeal against your council tax banding is permitted contact:-

Valuation Tribunal Service (VTS)
Second Floor
120 Leman Street
E1 8EU
0300 123 2035

You must continue to pay your council tax bill while you have a banding query / proposal / appeal pending.

The Valuation Tribunal Service publishes guidance covering all aspects of classes of appeal on their website.

Other council tax appeals

You can appeal to us if:

  • you feel you are not liable to pay council tax because you are not the resident or owner
  • you are not liable because your property is exempt
  • you feel that we have made a mistake in calculating your bill eg a discount or disabled reduction should have been granted.

Appeals against council tax support (previously known as council tax benefit)
You can appeal against our decision about:

  • whether you are entitled to council tax support (or a reduction)
  • how much council tax support has been awarded to you under our local scheme.

To appeal for any of the reasons above
You must first write to us so that we can reconsider the case. If you would like to know more about the appeal procedures including the use of valuation tribunals please call 020 8753 1667.

Further information and guidance notes are available on the Valuation Tribunal Service website.