Fast Track Small Grants (FTSG)

This is a funding programme for local 3rd sector organisations in need of small grants to start or deliver specific services or activities. We use it to support the widest possible range of local organisations, and we prioritise funding to those groups we don't currently fund.

FTSG can be used to fund a range of activities, for example: sessional worker costs, one off events, play schemes and classes, rent and running costs for specific short term projects.

You can apply for between £100 and £10,000. We do not anticipate awarding amounts over £5,000 to more than two or three organisations in each financial year, and the majority of funding will be for projects under £5,000.

Applications for FTSG

Applications can be made at any time and will be assessed as they arrive – there is no deadline for submitting completed applications.

Please see application form and guidance notes below.

Fast Track Small Grants guidance notes

Fast Track Small Grants application form (word doc 307KB) to fill in online, or

Fast Track Small Grants application form (pdf 204KB) (to print out and post to us)

Conditions of Grant Aid and Grant Aid Form 2014 (pdf 93KB) 
This form must be signed and submitted with the application form for your application to be considered valid

New supplier set up form (word doc 25KB)
This form must be completed for all groups/organisations new to the council or those that have not received funding in the last 3 years

Fast Track monitoring form (word doc 208KB) to fill in online, or

Fast Track monitoring form (pdf 102KB) (to print out and post to us)

Postal address

Community Investment Team, Room 39, Hammersmith Town Hall, King Street, London W6 9JU.

Funding Alert

What is Funding Alert and how can I get a copy?

Funding Alert is a monthly bulletin, which tells you about available funding from all sources, not just the council and gives you information relevant to voluntary, and community groups in the borough. It is produced by Sobus and is available free to Hammersmith & Fulham groups. If you wish to view the bulletin please visit the Sobus website where it is linked from the homepage.

Further help

Who can help me with funding/setting up as a new group?

Sobus staff who can help with setting up a new group, managing staff, bookkeeping and fundraising advice. Email them at