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List of key H&F personnel

Jacqui McShannon 
Strategic Director of Children’s Services

Peter Haylock 
Operational Director Education & SEND

Georgina Herry 
Lead Adviser for School Improvement

Keith Tysoe 
Principal Lead Adviser (SEND and inclusion)

Keith Fernandes 
Learning Partnership Principal Adviser

Ann Kenny 
Learning Partnership

Chris Cosker 
School Improvement Adviser, EYFS, KS1, KS2, Assessment

Matthew Coulbeck 
School Improvement Secondary Advisor and 14-25 Development

Daryle Mathurin 
ead of Service, Assets and Resources, Children’s Services

Satwinder Saraon 
Head of Service, Early Years and Specialist Services

Alison Leao 
Senior Manager, Specialist Practitioners, SENCO Coordinator  
Inclusion & specialist intervention outreach service (InSpIre) 
SEND Duty line: 0208 753 1021

Andrea Boswell 
Senior Manager, Specialist Practitioners 
Inclusion & specialist intervention outreach service (InSpIre) 
SEND Duty line: 0208 753 1021

Erik Dwyer 
Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist 
Educational Psychology Services 

James Bateman 
Local Area SENDCO, H&F

Jack O’Donoghue 
EHC Casework Service Manager 

Amelia Steele 
Head of Virtual School H&F

Della Freedman 
Advisory Teacher for Children with a Social Worker

Phil Tomsett 
Head of Family Hubs, Children’s services

Henrik Olsen-Winther 
Industrial Strategy Lead In Education

Diana Edgecombe 
Special Projects Manager

Julie Shaw 
ECT Coordinator, Bi-Borough Education Service (Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster)

Elizabeth Spearman 
Head of ACE – (Attendance (statutory), Child employment and children in entertainment, Elective home education, children missing education, permanent exclusions) - and School Admissions

ACE Team

Anwar Raihani 
Lead Advisor, Attendance Queries, Penalty Notice Referrals and CME Referrals

Cathy Sciueref 
Notifications of Permanent Exclusions and completed referral forms for 6th day provision, Children Missing Education and Elective Home Education (EHE) Field Work

Dawn Butts 
Children in Employment & Entertainment

Richie Adeyeye 
Principal School Admissions Officer

Christine Edwards 
Principal School Place Planning Officer and Interim Education Business and Operations Manager

Becky Powell 
Short breaks service manager 

Helen Green 
Education – Engagement & Planning

Amana Gordon 
Operational Director Children and Young Peoples Service 

Paul Best 
Head of specialist adolescent service

Anna Carpenter  
Head of Safeguarding

Megan Cameron-Brown 
Safer Organisations (LADO) and Safeguarding in Education Manager 
Duty Admin: 020 8753 5125 
LADO Referrals:

Sarah Sanderson 
Head of Service (looked after children & leaving care) 

Anna Keegan 
Head of Service Family Support & Child Protection and Askham Contact Centre 

Redouan Maarouf 
Head of service contact & assessment 

Marsha Rainford-Hay 
Head of Service 
Fostering and Permanence Service 
020 8753 2321 – Fostering Duty

Kathleen van de Vijver   
Head of clinical practice

Alison Sabaroche 
Head of Youth Justice 

Business intelligence team

Census & school queries

Duncan Smith 
Head of business intelligence 

CHS Finance

Tony Burton       
ead of Finance, Children’s Services & Education Finance and Governance

Caroline Baxter 
Finance Manager

Valerie Irolla 
Principal Accountant, Schools & Education

Paul Neary 
Head of Corporate Safety

Mark Dalton 
Fraud Manager, CAFS

Schools HR

Human resources (HR) Advisory, Administration & Occupational Health Services - Learning Partnership 

Dave Rogers 
Head of people Operations, Transformation, talent and inclusion 
Resources Department 

Clare Mapstone 
HR business partner, Schools 
Transformation, Talent and Inclusion 
Resources Department

Lesley Steven 
HR Business Partner, Schools 
Transformation, Talent and Inclusion 
Resources Department

Nick Dottin 
HR Business Partner – Adults and Children’s services 
Transformation, talent and inclusion 
Resources department

Ann-Marie Power 
HR consultant, schools

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