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Nursery and primary schools, secondary schools and special schools and units.

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Map of schools

Map of schools in H&F (pdf 861KB)

Community nursery schools & early years centres

Bayonne Nursery School and Children's Centre
50 Paynes Walk, W6 8PF
020 7385 5366
Executive head: Anne-Marie Strachan                        
Community nursery

James Lee Nursery School
Gliddon Road, W14 9BH
020 8741 8877
Executive head: Anne-Marie Strachan 
Community nursery

Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre (DfE number: 1034)
4 Australia Road, W12 7PH
020 8743 7339
Executive headteacher: Michele Barrett
Community nursery

Vanessa Nursery School (DfE number: 1039)
14 Cathnor Road, W12 9JA
020 8743 8196
Executive headteacher: Michele Barrett
Community nursery

Free nursery places are also available in most of our primary schools.

Primary schools

Community primary schools

Addison Primary School (DfE number: 2002)
Addison Gardens, W14 0DT
020 7603 5333
Headteacher: Damien McGarrigle
Community school, nursery class

Avonmore Primary School (DfE number: 2026)
3-11 Avonmore Road,W14 8SH
020 7603 9750
Head of school: Maya Wittleton
Community school, nursery class

Brackenbury Primary School (DfE number: 2061)
Dalling Road, W6 0BA
020 8743 3074
Headteacher: David Collins
Community school, nursery class

Flora Gardens Primary School (DfE number: 2223)
Dalling Road, W6 0UD
020 8748 2566
Headteacher: Katy Asserati
Community school, nursery class

Kenmont Primary School (DfE number: 2350)
Valliere Road, NW10 6AL
020 8969 4497
Executive headteacher: David Collins
Community school

Melcombe Primary School (DfE number: 2408)
Fulham Palace Road, W6 9ER
020 8748 7411
Executive Head: Anne-Marie Strachan
Community school

Miles Coverdale Primary School (DfE number: 2134)
Coverdale Road, W12 8JJ
020 8743 5847
Headteacher: Taranum Baig
Community school, nursery class

Normand Croft Community School (DfE number: 3650)
Bramber Road, W14 9PA
020 7385 6847
Headteacher: Paul Jobson
Community nursery

Old Oak Primary School (DfE number: 2444)
Mellitus Street, W12 0AS
020 8743 7629
Co-Headteacher: Joseph Brown and Katie Beardsworth
Community school, nursery class

Sir John Lillie Primary School (DfE number: 2555)
Lillie Road, SW6 7LN
020 7385 2107
After school playcentre 020 7386 6834
Headteacher: Sue Hayward
Community school, nursery class

Wendell Park Primary School (DfE number: 2632)
Cobbold Road, W12 9LB
020 8743 1372
Fax: 020 8746 0298
Executive Headteacher: David Collins
Community school, nursery class

Wormholt Park Primary School (DfE number: 2660)
Bryony Road, W12 0SR
020 8743 5073 
Headteacher: Anika Hargie
Community school, nursery class

Primary academies and free schools

ARK Bentworth Primary Academy (DfE number: 2045)
Bentworth Road, Westway, W12 7AJ
020 8743 2527
Acting Head of School: David Williams
Academy, mixed, nursery class

Ark Burlington Danes Primary Academy  (DFE 6905)
Du Cane Road, London W12 0TN 
020 8735 5943 
Principal: David Carr
Academy, mixed, nursery class

ARK Conway Primary Academy (DfE number: 2000)
60 Hemlock Road, W12 0QT
020 3249 1180 
Head of school: Rebecca Ross-Wood
Academy, mixed

Ark White City Primary Academy (DfE number: 3300)
Australia Road, W12 7PT
020 8743 2514
Executive Principal: Daniel Upfield
Foundation school, nursery class

Earl's Court Free School Primary
Cambridge Grove, Hammersmith, W6 0LB
020 8741 9967
Head of schools: Marianne Chapman

Fulham Primary School (DfE number: 2286)
Halford Road, SW6 1JU
020 7385 0535 
Head of school: Mr John Lynch
Community school, nursery class

Greenside Primary School (DfE number: 2913)
Westville Road, W12 9PT
020 8743 6421
Headteacher: Philippa Saving
Community school, nursery class

Langford Primary School (DfE number: 2005) 
Gilstead Road, SW6 2LG 
020 7736 4045
Head teacher: Seamus Gibbons 
Academy school, nursery class

Queen's Manor Primary School (DfE number: 2484)
Lysia Street, SW6 6ND
020 7385 4343
Principal:  Lilli Landau
Community school, nursery class

Sulivan Primary School (DfE number: 2577)
Peterborough Road, SW6 3BN
020 7736 5869
Headteacher: Wendy Aldridge
Community school, nursery class

Thomas’s Academy (DfE number: 2309) 
New King's Road, SW6 4LY 
020 7736 2318
Headteacher: Suzanne Kelly
Community school, nursery class

West London Free School Primary (DfE number 2001)
Cambridge Grove, Hammersmith, W6 0LB
020 8741 9967
Head of schools: Marianne Chapman

Voluntary aided primary schools

All Saints CE Primary School (DfE number: 3300)
Bishops Avenue, SW6 6ED
020 7736 2803
Headteacher: Kieran Gorman
Voluntary aided school, Church of England, nursery class

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School (DfE number: 3602)
35 Gayford Road, W12 9BY
020 8743 5060 
Headteacher: Imogen Lavelle
Voluntary aided school, Roman Catholic, nursery class

The Fulham Bilingual (DfE number: 9901) 
60 Clancarty Road, SW6 3AA 
020 7736 5863
Executive Headteacher: Kathleen Williams  
Voluntary aided school, bilingual

Holy Cross RC Primary School 
Basuto Road, SW6 4BL
020 7736 1447
Executive headteacher: Kathleen Williams
Voluntary aided school, Roman Catholic

John Betts Primary School (DfE number: 3368)
Paddenswick Road, W6 0UA
020 8748 2465
Headteacher: Jessica Mair
Voluntary aided school

Larmenier & Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School (DfE number: 3649)
41a Brook Green, W6 7BL
020 8748 9444
Headteacher: Jennifer McGinty
Voluntary aided school, Roman Catholic, nursery class

St Augustine's Catholic Primary School (DfE number: 3378)
Disbrowe Road, W6 8QE
020 7385 4333
Headteacher: Martin Kincaid
Voluntary aided school, Roman Catholic

St John XXIII Catholic Primary School
1 India Way, W12 7QT
020 8743 9428
Headteacher: Karen Cunningham
Voluntary aided school, Roman Catholic, nursery class

St John's CE Walham Green Primary School (DfE number: 3463)
Filmer Road, SW6 6AS
020 7731 5454
Headteacher: Barbara Wightwick and Mrs Hannah Abu-Ghaida 
Voluntary aided school, Church of England, nursery class

St Mary's RC Primary School (DfE number: 3529)
Masbro Road, W14 0LT
020 7603 7717
Headteacher: Imogen Lavelle
Voluntary aided school, Roman Catholic, nursery class

St Paul's CE Primary School (DfE number: 3566)
Worlidge Street, W6 9BP
020 8748 4951
Headteacher: Mrs Kate Daly
Voluntary aided school, Church of England, nursery class

St Peter's CE Primary School (DfE number: 3578)
33 St Peter's Road, W6 9BA
020 8748 7756
Headteacher: Karen Frazer
Voluntary aided school, Church of England, nursery class

St Stephen's CE Primary School (DfE number: 3600)
Uxbridge Road, W12 8LH
020 8743 4483
Headteacher: Michael Schumm
Voluntary aided school, Church of England

St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School (DfE number: 3648)
Estcourt Road, SW6 7HB
020 7385 8165
Head of School: Jo Breslin
Voluntary aided school, Roman Catholic, nursery class

Secondary schools

Ark Burlington Danes Academy (DfE number: 6905)
Wood Lane, W12 0HR
020 8735 4950 
Principal: David Carr
Academy, Church of England, mixed, mixed sixth form

Fulham Cross Academy (Dfe number: 4106)
Kingwood Road, SW6 6SN
020 7381 3606
Executive Principal: Sally Brooks 
Academy, mixed, mixed sixth form

Fulham Cross Girls' School (DfE number: 4315)
Munster Road, SW6 6BP
020 7381 0861
Executive Principal: Sally Brooks 
Academy, sixth form (linked with Fulham Cross Academy)

Hammersmith Academy (DfE number: 6906)
Cathnor Road, W12 9JD
020 8222 6000
Headteacher: Gary Kynaston
Academy, mixed, mixed sixth form

Hurlingham Academy
Peterborough Road, SW6 3ED
020 7731 2581
Principal: Leon Wilson
Academy school, mixed

Lady Margaret School (DfE number: 4632)
Parson's Green, SW6 4UN
020 7736 7138 
Headteacher: Elisabeth Stevenson
Academy, Church of England, girls, sixth form

Phoenix Academy (DfE number: 4004)
The Curve, W12 0RQ
020 8749 1141
Principal: Tony MacDowell
Foundation school, mixed, mixed sixth form

Sacred Heart High School (DfE number: 4620)
212 Hammersmith Road, W6 7DG
020 8748 7600
Headteacher: Sharon O'Donovan
Academy, Roman Catholic, girls

The Fulham Boys School (DfE number: 4001)
Gibbs Green Estate, West Kensington, London W14 9LY
020 7381 7100 
Headmaster: David Smith 
Free school, Church of England

The London Oratory School (DfE number: 5400)
Seagrave Road, SW6 1RX
020 7385 0102
Headteacher: Daniel Wright
Academy, Roman Catholic, boys, mixed sixth form

West London Free School (DfE number: 4000) 
Years 7-11: Palingswick House, 241 King Street, Hammersmith, W6 9LP 
Sixth Form: 2 Bridge Avenue, Hammersmith W6 9JP
020 8600 0670
Joint Headteacher: Rob Peal
Joint Headteacher: Ben McLaughlin
Free school, mixed, mixed sixth form

Specialist sixth form provision

The majority of our secondary schools provide sixth form education, see details for each school above.

William Morris Sixth Form (DfE number: 4320)
St Dunstans Road, W6 8RB
020 8748 6969
Principal: Mary Berrisford
16 - 19 school, mixed

Special schools

Cambridge School (DfE number: 7204)
61 Bryony Road, W12 0SP
020 8735 0980
Fax: 020 8811 8837
Headteacher: Alan Campbell
Ages 11-16

Jack Tizard School (DfE number: 7203)
South Africa Road, W12 7PA
020 8735 3590
Headteacher: Francesca Smith
Ages 3-19

Queensmill School (DfE number: 7014)
1 Askham Road
Shepherds Bush
London W12 0NW
0208 740 8112
Head of school: Ms Aymeline Bel
Ages 3-19

Woodlane High School (DfE number: 7153)
Du Cane Road, W12 0TN
020 8743 5668 
Headteacher: Claire Maynard
Ages 11-16

Alternative provision

Ormiston Academies Trust
Oat London Academies
CEO Nick Hudson:
Regional Director:  Wasim Butt

Primary and secondary pupil referral unit
Ormiston Bridge Academy 
Finlay Street, Fulham SW6 6HB
0203 108 0345
Principal: Keziah Raphael
Ormiston Bridge Academy - Contact

Behaviour Outreach Team 
Childerley Street, Fulham, London SW6 6SQ
0203 108 0358 
CEO: Nick Hudson
Regional Director:  Wasim Butt
Head of Service:  Lynne Blake

Westside Academy Trust School (Free School)
Galena House, 8-30 Galena Road, London W6 0LT
020 7504 0512
Headteacher: Patricia Hanley


Ealing Hammersmith and West London College
Gliddon Road, Barons Court, London W14 9BL
0800 980 2175, 0208 741 1688
Principal: Karen Redhead

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