Guide to direct payments for parents and carers

Find out about direct payments for children and young people 0 to 18, who can have them and how they can be used.

In this guide you will find how direct payments work for children and young people 0 to 18 years old. 

Direct payments is money paid directly to you to choose and buy the services your child with a disability has been assessed as needing. The services could be in addition to, or instead of, services provided by the council as part of your child’s care package.

Your child’s direct payment must be used to achieve agreed outcomes. This might be to help with personal care needs or it might be to support social and leisure opportunities for your child. Direct payments can also give parents and carers a short break from caring for children.

The needs and outcomes for each child will vary and these will be identified in the support plan that you and your social worker agree upon. The proposed plan will be considered at the panel and, if agreed, your child’s direct payment can start.

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