Licensing pre-application advice

Help with applications, plans, forms and statutory notices. Our charges depend on the scale of your application.

We offer a pre-application advice service to support your licensing application made under the Licensing Act 2003. The aim is to help you to anticipate and fix any problems which may arise during the application process. However, our advice cannot prejudge the outcome of the licensing application, especially if representations are received and a hearing takes place before the Licensing Sub-Committee.

Our pre-application advice service offers:

  • advice and assistance with completing application forms
  • advice on appropriate conditions taking into account the type and style of the operation intended at the premises, its location and in consultation with Environmental Health Officers
  • advice on drawing up plans to accompany the application in accordance with the relevant regulations
  • advice on nominating an appropriate designated premises supervisor
  • assistance with completing the statutory notices and advertisements
  • on-site visits to ensure plans are compliant with regulations and the appropriate statutory notices are correctly on display
  • advice on matters you may need to consider to assess possible noise transmission to neighbouring properties, dependent on the type of operation proposed for the premises.


Fee exemptions

This may apply to any organisation or individual that may qualify for an exemption from paying the statutory fees for a licence application, for example, educational institutes, buildings used for religious purposes, village and community halls and non-profit making charities.


Any advice given will be from the council’s Noise and Nuisance Team and the council’s Licensing Team, acting in their roles as Responsible Authorities under the provisions of Section 13 of The Licensing Act 2003.

With regard to any pre-application advice, the written confirmation will state that pre-application advice will not give applicants any exemptions from the licensing process. Responsible Authorities, including the noise and nuisance and the licensing teams, may still make a representation against the application and the case may still need to be heard at Licensing Sub-Committee for a decision to be made.

The advice given will not include views from other responsible authorities such as the Police, Fire Authority, etc. Determining any application that is subject to representations will be the function of the Licensing Sub-Committee who will consider the application and the representations on its own merits and determine the application accordingly on the basis of whether it promotes the licensing objectives.

Make a request for pre-application advice

Request form for licensing pre-application advice (pdf 30KB)

Email the completed form to

If you have any problems getting hold of the form or filling it in, please call 020 8753 1081.

Once we receive your request we will contact you to take payment over the phone by debit or credit card. Once payment has been received we will contact you within five working days.

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