Pensioner claims

We provide benefits and pensions information to:

  • anyone aged 60 and over, and
  • anyone aged under 60 who receives care at home (homecare) through us, and
  • anyone who is vulnerable and unable to access benefits through normal Department of Work and Pensions claim processes.

If you are under 60 you can make a claim for working age benefits by contacting Job Centre Plus on 0800 0556688.

If you have capital of more than £16,000, this includes things such as bank accounts, building society accounts, investment funds and shares, then you cannot claim housing benefit or council tax benefit, though you may still be eligible for second adult rebate. The only exception to the capital limit is for pensioners who receive the guaranteed element of pension credit.

As a pensioner you are automatically entitled to have your benefit claim commence from a maximum of 13 weeks before the date that we receive your application form.

This date will be less than 13 weeks if both yours and your partner’s (if applicable) 60th birthday was less than 13 weeks ago or your liability to pay rent or council tax began less than 13 weeks ago.

You can check your council tax account and benefit account online in My Account.