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Fulham cargo bikes “ten times quicker than a van”

Fulham firm ManMaid is beating local traffic without breaking a sweat.

By using electric cargo bikes instead of delivery vans, the handyman company is able to deliver carpentry, tiling and plumbing services while cutting travel time, costs and air pollution.

“The biggest win with cargo bikes is the parking,” explained Mungo Morgan, founder and CEO of ManMaid.

“Being able to park them right outside is a massive time saving. If we forget a screwdriver we can just pop outside and pick it up.”

Watch the ManMaid electric cargo bike video on YouTube.

Cargo bikes come with cheaper running costs and do not require a driving licence, often making them the smarter business choice over diesel and petrol fuelled delivery vans.

Mungo previously spent more than £7,000 a year in parking fees. “That pays for a new bike in itself,” he said.

Ten times quicker than a van

Cargo bikes can be faster than a van because they can use cycle and bus lanes.

“With the heavy traffic and the congestion, during rush hour, we’re ten times quicker than a van would be.”

Like most builders, he started off with a van when he founded ManMaid seven years ago.

“Most of my time was spent in the van. I thought, ‘there's got to be a better way to get around’,” Mungo recalled.

After putting different types to the test, Mungo decided on electric cargo tricycles. “We call them tool trikes,” he said.

At a capacity of 900 litres and the ability to carry up to 100 kilos, their e-tricycles can hold some materials and all the tools needed for the next job.

Now, anything their van-driving competitors do, Mungo’s handy experts do cycling. No matter the weather!

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Image caption: Image 2: ManMaid founder Mungo Morgan (left) on the way to a job with his crew

Easy to drive

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Image caption: Image 3: The ManMaid team with cycle instructor Lucy (centre)

To help them navigate the streets of the borough more safely and confidently, ManMaid received free one-on-one sessions through H&F’s extensive cycle training offer.

“The sessions really helped give the team the confidence to claim their space,” Mungo said.

“They’re easy to drive because they’re electric,” added Rory Higgins, ManMaid’s longest-serving handyman. “They do the job for us – it’s brilliant.”

Claim your £1,000

Road transport accounts for 16 per cent of H&F’s carbon emissions, and freight for 28 per cent of fuel use.

With zero exhaust emissions, cargo bikes can help cut local air pollution levels in our fight on toxic air.

H&F is supporting local businesses with FREE advice and financial support of up to £1,500 towards a new cargo bike. Over the last nine months, we have helped more than a dozen make the switch.

Visit the Parcels Not Pollution webpage or fill in the Parcels Not Pollution contact form to get involved.

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