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Sun’s out, fun’s out – time to turn your neighbourhood into a Play Street

Looking for an exciting new place to play with your kids that is local and affordable? Look no further – transform your neighbourhood into a Play Street.

“We want to help people re-imagine and make the most of their local spaces,” says Cllr Bora Kwon, Cabinet Member for Civic Renewal at Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

“Play Streets are a great way to give your children the chance to be outdoors and play safely, within a short distance of your home - get the chalk out, organise some games and let the neighbours in on the fun.”

The scheme allows residents to close a street to traffic for three hours at a time, on a day of their choosing.

And they’re completely free to organise.

How it works

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Image caption: Image 2: Getting skating at H&F's Halloween Play Street in Braybrook Street, W12

Turn your street into a playground and let your children enjoy playing outdoors.

Residents can now apply for a temporary road closure in just a few easy steps:

  • Check with your neighbours – let them know about your plans and invite them along
  • Agree on a date and time
  • Apply online
  • Once the traffic order has been granted, get planning!

A full set of guidelines can be found on H&F’s Play Streets webpage.

Somersaults and skipping ropes

Play Streets are a great way to make unforgettable memories with your neighbours and loved ones.

They don’t have to require as much planning as a street party. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative!

Think hopscotch, tug-of-war and training wheels; skipping ropes, chalk art contests or a neighbourly football friendly. For more inspiration, check out the photos from the Roxwell Road Play Street, Shepherds Bush, on the H&F Flickr account.

Play Streets can be one-off events or held regularly. Why not make it a new neighbourhood tradition?

Get your applications in now in time for Clean Air Day on 15 June.

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Image caption: Image 3: Jubilee celebrations in Binden Road, W12

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