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Have your say on local bus route changes

You have just three weeks to share your views on Transport for London’s (TfL) proposed changes to our local bus routes.

The changes to many local day and night buses are being proposed by Transport for London (not H&F Council). It comes after the Government’s recent funding agreement with TfL necessitated cuts in services.

“We know that a strong and accessible public transport network is extremely important for local residents to get to work, shops, medical centres and to see family and friends,” said Cllr Sharon Holder, H&F Cabinet Member for Public Realm.

“Buses play a vital role in helping improve air quality as a viable alternative to cars – which is part of our commitment to make H&F the greenest borough in Britain as we expand our cycling, e-scooter, e-bike, walking and electric vehicle networks.”

To have your say about TfL’s proposed bus route changes before 12 July, or for more details, visit TfL’s Central London Bus Review consultation website.

Take the survey

Routes affected

A number of day and night bus services could be affected serving Hammersmith & Fulham.

These include routes such as the C3, 11, 14, 19, 27, 31, 49, 72, N72, 74, N74, 272, 283, 328, 414 and 430.

Some of these buses will only have minor changes to their route, while others will have major changes or be cut completely. Details about each route are included on the consultation pages.

In some cases, a change of buses will be needed between routes. In explaining this, TfL says: “The Hopper Fare – which allows unlimited journeys within the hour for the price of a single fare – will ensure most customers don’t pay more. Those aged under 18 and over 60 would continue to benefit from free bus travel.

“In planning these changes we have done our best to ensure we retain existing links.”

On your side

H&F Council has a history of winning improvements for residents to the local bus network.

A year-long campaign led by H&F and local residents claimed victory after TfL scrapped its plans to reduce the 424 bus route in Fulham.

We also campaigned for TfL to fix its broken 266 bus route – which resulted in TfL altering the route and adding two new buses to the busy north-south route.

And we pushed TfL to increase the number of buses serving the area after we were forced to shut Hammersmith Bridge to motorists in 2019 for safety reasons.

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