Together we've saved 424 Fulham bus route

A year-long campaign led by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and local residents has claimed victory after Transport for London (TfL) scrapped its plans to reduce the 424 bus route.

H&F Council worked with local residents and ran a highly effective grassroots campaign in south Fulham that made TfL see the light.

“This administration will always work with local people to get things done,” said Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

“And I’m truly grateful to all the many residents who freely gave their time and effort to help deliver this happy result.”

The 424 bus currently runs from Craven Cottage and goes on to Putney High Street where it terminates. Its route runs through Fulham Broadway and it is the only bus service that links Sands End with Putney and Putney Bridge.

TfL’s proposed revised route would have terminated in Wandsworth, cutting out the direct link to Putney Bridge and Putney High Street.

It would also have bypassed the stops in Bagleys Lane, Pearscroft Road, Broughton Road and Byam Street altogether, making many Fulham residents lose out.

However, TfL now recognises that the 424 bus is the essential transport service for many local people who rely on it to take them to see friends and family, go to the shops or GP surgeries and other services.