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Two more ‘tiny forests’ coming to Fulham

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Image captionImage 1: Pictured is Cllr Wesley Harcourt (left) with the tiny forest planting team, planting Hammersmith Park’s forest in March 2021

Our tiny forests are growing! Two more are set to be planted soon in Fulham – Normand Park and Eel Brook Common.

Each tiny forest will feature around 600 native trees and shrubs, with species chosen based on each site’s soil, desired canopy heights and benefits to wildlife.

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Image caption: Image 2: Hammersmith Park’s tiny forest as it looked in October 2021

H&F were the first borough in London to plant a tiny forest. In March 2021 we partnered with Earthwatch Europe, local drinks business Fever Tree and residents to plant 600 trees and shrubs in Hammersmith Park.

“Each tiny forest planted not only helps us meet our carbon net zero goal by 2030, but also ensures cleaner air and safer habitats for local wildlife,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for the Environment.

The woodland takes up the size of a tennis court and has been left to grow and create a biodiverse habitat. It is hoped that over 500 different animal and plant species will be attracted to the site within its first three years.

To find out what species were planted in Hammersmith Park’s tiny forest, visit the Earthwatch website.

You can read more about the benefits of tiny forests in the Green Flag Award handbook (pdf).

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Image caption: Image 3: Tiny forest planting in Hammersmith Park which is located behind Television Centre in White City (March 2021)

Normand Park

The tiny forest in Fulham’s Normand Park will repurpose the area of the former bowling green. Planting is due to start in March.

The tiny forest has been made possible through a generous donation from Shamita Ray, a local resident who wanted to give back to the community. We’ll soon be preparing the site, including landscaping improvements to make it safe, accessible, and attractive.

“I’d like to thank Shamita’s generosity in supporting our fight against climate change,” said Cllr Harcourt.

“Tiny Forests are one of the ways we’re fighting climate change across the borough, and every tree planted helps.”

Eel Brook Common

A second tiny forest is planned to be planted later this year in Fulham’s Eel Brook Common. Assessments are still underway to help determine the best location for the forest.

Climate emergency

In June 2019, H&F Council declared a climate and ecological emergency. Our goal is to reach net zero carbon emissions in the borough by 2030, as well as to become the greenest borough in the country.

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