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Local butcher continues to make the cut during North End Road improvement works

Dickenson’s Quality Meats has been a fixture in North End Road for as long as anyone can remember.

The popular local butcher remains open as usual during the improvements works H&F Council is currently doing to make North End Road an even better place to shop, eat in and visit.

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“People call us a legend,” said Tony Miserotti at the shop with its distinctive gold and black front. “We have customers come to us from as far away as Catford to local customers from just around the corner turning up with their shopping bags to fill up.”

From shoulders of English lamb to outdoor-reared rump steaks, from bacon to bangers, chicken breast to pork belly, spare ribs to burgers, Dickenson’s has it all.

“We took over here in 1982, but it was a butcher’s shop before that,” said Tony.

“We get film crews coming down and TV chefs come into the shop,” he said. “We serve everyone from film stars and lords and ladies to the poorest people in the country.”

While English lamb has always been a speciality, the top tip is surely Dickenson’s cote du beouf – a specialist cut of beef – ribeye on the bone.

It’s a steak packed with flavour, and perfect for a swift pan-fry sear, then a half-hour oven roast. It’s a cut that needs no fussing – a blob of horseradish, a side serving of chips and some crunching salad.

Each individual rib can serve up to four people. “It’s the best beef cut for your roast, in our opinion,” said Tony.

“We try to use all-English beef, and sell as much English produce as we can.”

Yorkshire rump steaks, beef flanks, oxtail, pork chops, lamb cutlets, corn-fed chicken, quality pies and sausages, duck breasts... the list goes on.

Dickenson’s Quality Meats, 365 North End Road, SW6. 020 7385 8927.

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