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Wildflowers and bees for Hammersmith Broadway

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Image captionImage 1: Wildflowers in a planter on Hammersmith Broadway

Local community group Friends of Brook Green has been busy making space for bees.

The brilliant display of wildflowers is from the planters in Hammersmith Broadway. Using wildflower seeds, local volunteers have brought vibrancy and biodiversity to the street.

What’s more, the flowers provide pollen and support the local bee population to thrive.

Greening the grey

Did you know we encourage all residents to plant in their tree bases?

Just let us know where you would like to plant on We’ll make sure our contractors don’t weed the space. Watch your space be transformed!

Have a look at our guide to planting tree bases.

Making space for nature

Restoring biodiversity is one of our priorities as we tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

Find out what else we’re doing to make space for nature as we build the greenest borough.

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