Pupils to get Dinosaur Douglas books as welcome back gift

Hammersmith & Fulham will be offering primary school children a free Difficult Days for Dinosaur Douglas book upon their return to school next week.

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Image caption: Image 1: Local author Heather Maisner (pictured)

The book aims to help support pupils after their long break from regular schooling due to the latest Covid lockdown.

The illustrated book, written by local author Heather Maisner, is designed to encourage discussions of well-being in families, as well as enhance brain development and resilience with younger children.

Heather currently teaches creative writing to children and has been Author in Residence at two Hammersmith primary schools.

Difficult Days for Dinosaur Douglas was developed by H&F Council in partnership with the NSPCC and Alberta Family Wellness Initiative.

"The consequences of this pandemic have left all of us struggling in our own way, and we all need to be better at talking about it," said Cllr Larry Culhane, H&F Cabinet Member for Children and Education. 

"That said, our schools have done an incredible job reassuring our children and families in the toughest of circumstances, and we hope that these books help them with their continuing great work."

You can find out more about the popular Dinosaur Douglas series here.

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