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Pioneering new SW6 traffic reduction scheme to launch 20 July


The plan is a response to the call from residents for traffic-reducing measures

Update: See SW6 traffic reduction scheme for more information and how to apply

A pioneering new traffic reduction scheme in south Fulham to tackle rat running by out-of-borough drivers will be launched this month. 

The scheme will use the latest smart camera technology and go live on Monday 20 July. It will reduce traffic across south Fulham. You may have noticed signage and cameras being installed. 

The new scheme follows numerous meetings between residents and the council, including a working party, to address the impact of the experimental closure of Harwood Terrace as well as long-standing local traffic issues.

We are sympathetic to the traffic faced by Harwood Terrace residents over the years. That's why we undertook a time-limited experiment. This was intended to run from November 2019 to April 2020 but was extended because of COVID-19. This meant we couldn't work at pace to introduce the new scheme based on the findings of the experiment.

Stopping rat running by non-residents

The key finding of the experiment is that while the temporary closure of Harwood Terrace ended rat running in the road, it caused extensive traffic delays in surrounding streets, including to buses. We also learned that the majority of traffic came from outside H&F.

The new experimental scheme aims to reduce traffic significantly by changing the behaviour of drivers from outside our borough.

It will use smart camera technology to read and recognise licence plates at strategically positioned control points. Harwood Terrace will re-open and non-residents who rat run through this or other south Fulham streets will be subject to fines.

The scheme will reduce traffic to below what it was before the experimental closure of Harwood Terrace. Buses on Bagleys Lane will be able to run better than ever. Noise, air pollution and carbon emissions should decrease in keeping with the council’s climate emergency strategy.

Key points

H&F residents will be able to drive around the area as now. Smart cameras will recognise vehicle number plates so that they and other ‘permitted vehicles’ can go freely through control points.

Non-H&F residents can still access any road in the area but not by rat running through Harwood Terrace and other streets. They’ll incur a penalty if they:

  • cut into residential streets east of Wandsworth Bridge Road and then exit through Bagleys Lane junction to go through Harwood Terrace; or
  • cut through Stephendale Road, Hazlebury Road or Broughton Road to bypass queues and re-join Wandsworth Bridge Road.

We’ll monitor traffic across the area and gather residents’ views during the new scheme – and make any adjustments needed.


Getting ready for the new scheme

If you have an H&F parking permit or your vehicle registration document (V5) shows your vehicle is registered to your H&F address, you don’t need to do anything, as the cameras will recognise your licence plates.

If your vehicle is not registered now (for example you have off-street parking), you’ll need to register for free at or email us at

Working with residents

We are most grateful to all those residents who’ve worked with us on developing and refining this new scheme. This has included several well-attended public meetings, an online Q&A with almost 400 residents during lockdown, and a working party of residents from local streets. 

Further information

For more information see SW6 traffic reduction scheme.

See also our frequently asked questions for more details. 

Frequently asked questions

Please give us your views on the new scheme

If you live east or west of Wandsworth Bridge Road, we’d like to know what you think of how the scheme is working and of any changes that may be needed.

Please give us your feedback by visiting our South Fulham LTN Commonplace page.

We appreciate that the new scheme has been a long time coming and I’m most grateful for your patience. We are now reducing traffic where you live in a way which puts all H&F residents first.