Two people using gym equipment inside the Phoenix Fitness Centre

Great news as gyms in H&F reopen after lockdown

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Image captionCllr Wesley Harcourt (right) and Jonathan Simons, GLL partnership manager, using the Phoenix Fitness Centre gym equipment

Our leisure centres began a phased reopening last Saturday (25 July).

The Lillie Road Fitness Centre in Fulham, Hammersmith Fitness and Squash Centre and the Phoenix Fitness Centre in White City, reopened their doors after extensive measures were taken to maximise safety.

The water has been tested, the buildings deep-cleaned, ventilation maximised and new COVID-aware signage installed throughout so residents can be confident about returning safely.

As part of the changes, members will not be able to do walk-ins. All visits must be pre-booked online, via the app, or in person in the centres.

Sanitiser station fastened to the wall with a hand collecting some sanitiser
Image caption: Sanitiser stations have been put in place around the centre

“This is brilliant news for the many residents who I’m sure have missed being able to keep as active as normal during the lockdown,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“We’ve worked closely with GLL who manage the three Better leisure centres for the council, to maximise safety for visitors and we’re delighted to welcome them all back.”

What activities are available?

The centres will initially be offering gym and fitness classes with swimming sessions (where applicable) available later.

Hammersmith Fitness and Squash

  • gym and classes (yoga, Pilates and spinning)
  • weekdays, closes at 8pm.

Lillie Road Fitness Centre

  • gym and classes (Spinning and outdoor classes)

Phoenix Fitness Centre

  • gym and classes (aerobic based, yoga and Pilates)
  • weekdays – closes at 8pm
  • swimming pool remains closed – planned reopening for September 2020 in line with government guidance on schools and swimming lessons returning.

“After nearly four months of lockdown, we are delighted to finally have the green light for reopening our leisure facilities in a phased fashion,” said Jonathan Simons, Partnership Manager, Better.

“Keeping people safe is now a shared responsibility and our top priority. As a leisure operator we will be working in partnership with customers to ensure their visit is safe. 

“We recognise that some people may be worried about returning to their local leisure facilities, so we will continue to offer free access to online fitness and exercises classes via our Better app. We look forward to seeing you soon.”

Three people stood outside the entrance of Phoenix Fitness Centre
Image caption: Cllr Wesley Harcourt (centre), with GLL partnership manager Jonathan Simons (left) and Phoenix Fitness Centre customer service advisor Naomi Edwards (right)

Membership questions?

Here’s what you need to know about your ongoing membership with Better leisure:

  • members will not be charged for any of the period that centres were closed
  • memberships will be restarted with UK wide access provided for previous activities included in their membership type
  • where possible memberships will be restarted in full at previous price
  • members will be able to continue to freeze but you must request this via ‘contact us’ form on the Better website
  • online classes will continue to be provided free of charge via the ‘Better UK App’.

Download the Better app

Visit the Better Leisure website for further details

Empty gym with fitness equipment in place and clean wooden flooring
Image caption: All visits must be pre-booked online, via the app, or in person in the centres

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