Zipcar offers half-price rentals to H&F’s care workers and NHS staff

Car club Zipcar is offering half-price vehicle rentals to frontline care workers in H&F during the coronavirus outbreak.

Social carers, whose daily roles involve looking after the borough’s most frail and vulnerable residents, will be entitled to the discounted rental to help them do their invaluable work.

The car club has partnered with the council in its efforts to tackle coronavirus and help ensure the borough’s keyworkers can get to and from work hassle-free.

“We’re grateful to Zipcar for helping us fight the spread of coronavirus by making life easier for those key workers in our borough at the frontline of the fight,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“We’ve got so many local heroes, either putting themselves at risk, or going the extra mile to protect our communities, it’s vital we do everything we can to help them and show that we value what they’re doing.”

The discount is also available to NHS staff and other keyworkers in H&F, while local mutual aid groups can get a discounted daily rate for van hire of just £20.

How does it work?

To claim the 50 per cent discount, H&F social care workers need to provide photographic evidence of their of their HCPC Registration Card, or Social Work England Registration Card and/or registration number.

NHS staff need to apply using their NHS email address, or by sending proof of their valid NHS identification.

Mutual aid groups – such as the Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank – can make use of a daily car or van hire rate of just £20, which will enable them to keep their own operational costs down, while helping out those in need across H&F.

“We have been working with the NHS for a number of years and are proud to support organisations who are providing essential services at this time,” said James Taylor, General Manager of Zipcar UK.

“Now NHS and social care workers in London boroughs including Hammersmith & Fulham can access significantly discounted journeys.”

For more information visit Zipcar’s dedicated web page.

Free EV charging for NHS and police

Another organisation joining the battle against coronavirus is Source London, which provides the borough’s on street electric vehicle charging points.

Source London is making its network – which includes more than 100 charging points in H&F, free to NHS workers and Met Police staff, for the duration of the outbreak.

Find out more about electric vehicle charging points in H&F

Any NHS staff who do not currently have a Source London membership will also be offered a free six-month subscription if they start a Source London membership within the next three months.

For further details on how to apply, email

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