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Tributes to ex-councillor and Sands End resident Brendan Bird

Ex-councillor Brendan Bird sadly died this morning following a long illness.

Brendan was a much-loved Labour councillor having served his constituents in Sands End between 1994 to 2006. He spent his life championing genuinely affordable housing, was a campaigner for tenants' rights, and was passionate about Sands End – the area he lived in with his family whom he adored.

After losing his seat in 2006, Brendan continued to work for his local community. He was an active governor of Holy Cross Primary School, in 2009 he became a leading member of the Save Sands End Community Centre campaign, he ran as Labour's candidate for Sands End in the 2008 by-election and 2010 and 2014 local government elections, he supported local arts and community ventures such as the Brooks Blues Bar and helped save Sulivan Primary School from closure, he was on the Executive Committee of the Chelsea & Fulham Labour Party, and was a passionate and loyal supporter of Fulham Football Club.

Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, said. "I'm really very sad to hear this news. Brendan was a wise, thoughtful and extremely kind man. He really cared about people and dedicated his life to trying to make the world a better place particularly for the poorest. I will miss Brendan, and his wisdom and friendship, a lot. He was extremely proud of all in his family – my thoughts are with them.

"Brendan was an expert on housing and had been part of the borough's housing team I led up until 2006. His advice was always considered and insightful. Brendan Bird will be fondly remembered as a compassionate, principled man by all who knew him. He really did fight on the side of the angels.

"Today, the flags fly at half-mast over Hammersmith Town Hall in recognition of the positive contribution Brendan Bird made to people's lives in our borough and across our city."

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Image caption: Image 2: Flags flying at half-mast over Hammersmith Town Hall in memory of Brendan Bird

Cllr Lisa Homan, H&F Cabinet Member for Housing, said: "Brendan was the person who knocked on my door and welcomed me into local politics. I'm particularly sad to lose such a kind and lovely friend. The thing I learnt most from Brendan was he never let a case go because he kept fighting until his constituent's case or the cause he was working on was won.

"Brendan was a skilled table tennis player, a firm Fulham FC fan, and he and my late husband both shared a love of Bob Dylan. He was passionate about social justice and a good man. I will miss him."

Sands End ward councillor Ann Rosenberg said: "Brendan had been a good friend for more than 30 years. He had a big heart which is why he was loved and respected by all who knew him. He was open to everyone from his constituents to his political opponents. I learned a lot from him and send his family my profound sympathies."

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