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Nextdoor launches Help Map for neighbours

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Image captionImage 1: Nextdoor have introduced ‘Help Maps’ into their smartphone app allowing users to coordinate assistance to vulnerable and elderly neighbours

Community social networking app Nextdoor is helping local residents in Hammersmith & Fulham support vulnerable people during the coronavirus outbreak via a ‘help map’.

The new feature allows users to coordinate assistance to vulnerable and elderly neighbours by, for example, dropping off shopping or picking up prescriptions.

Nextdoor members can use the map to list the services that they are willing to provide in their neighbourhood. To link to the map, users have to update their Nextdoor apps to the latest version.

The ‘Help Map’ feature can be found under the ‘More’ menu – which is in the bottom righthand corner of your mobile. You can ask for help or offer to help neighbours.

Nextdoor is reporting a surge in users in the past two weeks following the outbreak of coronavirus.

Another way you can help your neighbours is to sign up for the H&F CAN – the volunteer Community Aid Network launched by H&F Council to support vulnerable residents during the pandemic. For more details, visit our H&F Community Aid Network page.

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