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H&F is a growing hotbed for artisans and craftspeople says new Fulham business

Fulham cider entrepreneur Victor Zasadzki says Hammersmith & Fulham is a growing hotbed for artisans and craftspeople.

Pilango, which is situated under the railway arches off Munster Road, is the latest exciting arrival in H&F after Victor opened his popular cider business in Fulham last year.

And he has found a talented hub of local entrepreneurs to work with, who he believes have the potential to turn H&F into a ‘craft village’.

“The borough is booming with exciting craft, food and drink businesses which have the chance to begin, flourish and thrive here,” said Victor.

“The council gives local entrepreneurs a fabulous chance to turn their interests and passions into a real business with initiatives like the traffic-free markets. Together we can make H&F a real hotspot for exciting new artisans and craftspeople.”

Initiatives like the traffic-free seasonal markets and the Made in H&F pop-up shop are the result of the council’s Industrial Strategy (pdf 2.6MB) which aims to make H&F the best place to do business in Europe.

Community collaboration

Victor has embraced the vibrant community of local businesses in H&F hosting flower arranging workshops, art classes and book groups with them.

He also organised a Spanish themed weekend with Fulham-based sherry company XECO and a French cider and cheese fest last summer to mark Bastille Day.

All this took place at Pilango, a former black cab repair shop in Munster Arches, which Victor has transformed into a cider lover’s paradise. Or as he likes to call it ‘cider’s embassy in London’.

Pilango is the home of a vast collection of ciders from across the globe including Australia and South Africa.

“We literally have ciders from all over the world. Wherever an apple can grow, we have a cider,” added Victor.

He made his first batch of cider with the apples from the back garden of his uncle’s house, using just a juicer and blender, and has not looked back since.

Entrepreneur support

Are you setting up your own craft or creative business in H&F and want to be part of a growing local network of entrepreneurs? Whatever stage you’re at, get in touch with Nicki Burgess at to find out more.

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