Jayde Adams who is appearing at the Bush Theatre

COMEDY FESTIVAL: Two of Britain’s funniest comedians at the Bush Theatre on Sunday

Two of the hottest comedians in the country will be performing at the Bush Theatre this weekend.

Jayde Adams and Angela Barnes will take to the stage on Sunday afternoon (23 June).

The double bill of comedy is part of the Shepherds Bush Comedy Festival which ends on Sunday night with a show at The Grove pub.

Comedian Angela Barnes holding a glass ball in her right hand
Angela Barnes

Angela Barnes, who has starred in the BBC’s Mock The Week’ and ‘Live At The Apollo’ kicks off the afternoon of comedy at 1.30pm on Sunday before Jayde Adams’ show titled ‘The Ballad of Kylie Jenner’s Old Face’ at 3pm.

Buy your tickets for Jayde Adams at the Bush Theatre

Buy your tickets for Angela Barnes at the Bush Theatre

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