LED streetlight switch leads to massive drop in energy use

More than 7,500 streetlamps have been replaced with innovative, environmentally-friendly LED lights. And the result has been a spectacular 58 per cent drop in energy consumption.

“Successes like this show we’re well on the way to being the greenest borough in Britain,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“The new LED lights use half the energy of traditional street lamps, so are much better for the environment. This also means a big saving in our running and maintenance costs which can free up money for maintaining essential frontline services for residents.”

The rollout of the new lights began in February 2017 prioritising the borough’s main roads, before moving onto the lights in all our residential streets.

The brighter natural white light from the LEDs also gives better CCTV camera footage, providing clearer video images and increasing the chances of successful convictions and deterring would-be criminals.

Brighter benefits

The new LED lights are better for H&F as they:

  • Use much less electricity than other lamps or bulbs, reducing energy costs
  • Have extremely long lives compared to traditional lights
  • Produce very little heat
  • Reduce H&F’s carbon emissions, by reduced energy usage
  • Contain no mercury
  • Operate effectively in extremely cold and hot environments
  • Produces a white light for the human eye to see natural colours at night
  • Reduce ‘sky glow’ and glare
  • Switch on instantly at full output with no warm-up time.

For more information on LED streetlights, visit our FAQ page.

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