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Royal College of Art students unveil works at free White City exhibition

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Image captionImage 1: RCA students come to the end of their master’s degree at the Royal College of Art campus in White City

Did you know for just one second of stop-motion animation you need 25 images?

Award-winning animator Anna Mantzaris certainly does after taking a staggering 12,000 photos to make her latest short film, titled Good Intentions, which will premiere at the Royal College of Art’s graduate show in White City.

The free exhibition in Wood Lane runs from 23 June to 1 July.

It presents the latest work on the cutting-edge of animation, virtual reality, sound, graphic design and beyond. And it’s the culmination of two years of work as students come to the end of their master’s degree at the Royal College of Art campus in White City.

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“Get down to the show and see the wealth of art and creative talent in the borough which contributes to our already vibrant arts scene,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for the Economy and the Arts. “We’re proud to be the home to one of the most prestigious art establishments in the world.”

Next generation

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Image caption: Image 2: Art piece by Nakyeng Hwang

The next generation of exciting artists showcasing their work includes illustrator Nakyeng Hwang using a VR headset to literally walk through her illustrations, Sandra Sordini and her life-sized dolls having pillow talk and Olivia Sullivan’s installation on Cumbria which interacts with all your senses – including a waft of peppermint oil and damp bark tickling your nostrils.

“Our students always surprise, challenge and excel, and this year’s show is no exception,” said Neville Brody, RCA Dean of School of Communications.

Artists on show

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Image caption: Image 3: Sandra Sordini’s life-sized dolls

Some of the other stand-out installations on show are from artist Oscar Warr and his role-reversal-themed work, The Control Room, where visitors can take over the commands of the security cameras in the showroom. And even the tannoy system.

“I had to discreetly map out the security camera layout at the British Museum while researching for this project,” added Oscar. “I knew it wouldn’t have gone down well if I was caught.”

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Image caption: Image 4: The Royal College of Art graduate exhibition at White City Place

He discovered the cameras were positioned around the items of most value so he asked the other students to reveal how much they had spent on their art installations in order to mount his cameras above the costliest ones in the showroom at the Westworks in White City.

While fellow student artist Laura Copsey has grown enough wheat for one loaf of bread with the help of a Chiltern-based farmer to illustrate our reliance on farmers.

Laura added: “It’s a staple food across most cultures, with a religious side too. It has a knack of bringing people together.”

Arts strategy

The Royal College of Art (RCA) graduate show forms part of H&F Council’s Art Strategy to make the borough one of the country’s leading destinations in the arts.

H&F Council aims to give residents from a wide range of backgrounds more opportunities to enjoy, create and perform high quality art in the borough.

The RCA opened its newest campus in White City in September 2017 which is equipped with state of the art bespoke studio, workshop and technical spaces.

It offers 28 highly specialised programmes in art and design to over 2,000 master’s and doctoral students.

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