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New trees bring green and pleasant views for H&F residents

You asked for more trees in the borough, so we’re giving roads a green makeover to improve the way they look and improve biodiversity.

Following requests from residents, new trees have been planted in Overstone Road, Hammersmith and Galloway Road, Shepherds Bush.

The new tree beds, which will also help alleviate localised flooding, will help in the council’s ambition to be the greenest borough in the country.

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Image caption: Image 2: Residents have helped add to the project by planting their own flowers and shrubs in the new tree beds

The new planting schemes were driven by local residents and are another example of how the council likes to do things: working with residents, rather than doing things to them.

In Overstone Road, residents have helped add to the project by planting their own flowers and shrubs in the new tree beds, which have been planted with flowering pear trees.

Special ground-penetrating radar uncovered private basements and cables from utilities companies below the pavement which prevented excavation. So the team had to engineer an innovative approach and build the new tree beds into the side of the carriageway.

Fifty per cent of all surface water for both schemes will also be diverted to the tree beds, which will act as sustainable drainage (SuDS), to help reduce the effects of flooding during heavy rainfall.

In Galloway Road, the beds have been planted with silver birch and cherry trees. Residents here were directly involved in both the consultation and final design of the project.

The council intends to introduce a similar tree-planting schemes elsewhere in the borough.

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