H&F’s young people elect their new mayor

Tackling prejudice against people’s sexuality and gender identity is the focus of H&F Council’s new Youth Mayor.

Federica Dal Brollo who will take up the role in April, says it’s an issue she feels passionate about. She believes that one of the main ways to tackle prejudice, bullying and homophobia would be to introduce the subject into the school curriculum.

Fede was presented with her ceremonial chain by H&F Council’s Mayoress Rosemary Pettit.

“I was surprised, there were a lot of strong contenders,” said Fede after her win.

“I feel like I really wanted to make a difference. It’s the reason I got involved in the youth council in the first place, said the 14-year-old who attends Latymer Upper School in King Street, Hammersmith.

“I wanted to do more and I knew that from this position, I could.”

New Youth MP Emma Ghanem with Mayoress Rosemary Petitt

Emma Ganhem was announced as H&F’s Member of Youth Parliament.  The 15-year-old attends Sacred Heart in Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith. She wants to help tackle hate crime, and promote education and support for mental health.

“I ran last year which gave me a lot of experience,” she said.

“I want to improve the profile of the youth council in schools so people know what we’re doing.

“I think it’s so important we have a say, especially today. What happens today decides what happens to us in the future.”

All young people aged 11 to 18 who attend Hammersmith & Fulham’s schools were able to cast a vote. More than 2,700 young people voted this year at schools, youth clubs and community centres across the borough.

“Being part of H&F’s Youth Council is a fantastic opportunity and I’m always impressed by the young people who take it up,” said Kim Dero, Chief Executive of Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

“The roles of our Youth Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament are just some of the ways young people can thrive and we’re always working to grow these opportunities.”

Fede won 877 of the votes; Maddy Sala, 15, was elected Deputy Youth Mayor with 630 votes

Emma was elected with 1,494 votes; her deputy is Salsabeel Montague, 17, who got 924 votes.

Fede and her deputy will attend events across the borough engaging with the community and ensuring young people have a voice locally.

Emma and her deputy will head H&F’s Youth Council and represent the borough’s young people nationally at the UK Youth Parliament.

Youth Mayor candidate


Federica Del Brollo


Maddy Sala


Amy Simon


Marwa Mohamed


Abdullah Zalmi


Member of Youth Parliament candidate


Emma Sabounji


Salsabeel Montague


L-R: Abdullah Zalmi, Marwa Mohammed, new Youth Deputy Mayor Maddy Sala, new Youth Mayor Federica Dal Brollo, new Youth MP Emma Ghanem and Amy Simon

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