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Children doing better than ever at reading, writing and maths

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Image captionImage 1: Pupils at Sulivan Primary School are among the highest achievers in the country

Delight and pride has swept the borough's primary schools today as local pupils achieve some of the best primary school results in the country.

Standards in the most essential primary school subjects are soaring in Hammersmith & Fulham with an impressive 81% of children in local state schools hitting national targets for reading, writing and maths.

This is an improvement of two percentage points on last year, and it's three percentage points above the national average of 78%

Sulivan school in Fulham is among the highest achievers, with 94% of its pupils reaching all their targets, including 100 % in maths.

"We are extremely proud of the overall results our pupils have achieved, but the really outstanding success is that, whatever their overall level of ability, every single year six pupil has progressed by at least two levels since year two," says the school's head teacher, Wendy Aldridge.

This year, new figures have been published on the proportion of pupils performing at an exceptionally high level at primary school. Again local pupils have shone. Twelve per cent of children in H&F have reached level 6 - the very top category - for maths and 6% for grammar, punctuation and spelling, both above national averages.

Sulivan school says an impressive 16% of its pupils reached the exceptional level 6 in maths.

"These results are absolutely fantastic and credit for that has to go to all the hard work put in by our year six children and the outstanding performance of their dedicated and talented teachers," says cabinet member for children and education, Cllr Sue Macmillan. "I want to pay particular tribute to the children and teachers at Sulivan School. After the difficult year they have had, their results are truly outstanding."

The council's previous decision to close Sulivan school has now been overturned. Read more here.